Contract Update from TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen


Noon, Sunday, Jan 15 2017 --  We have just about 12 hours to go before our contracts with the MTA expire.


The union's leadership, supported by TWU International President Harry Lombardo and other International Union officers, has been bargaining around the clock in an effort to secure a contract that provides an economic and benefits package that reflects the value of the transit workforce to the City and State of New York.

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We remain far apart on the most important piece of the contract  -Economics.  The MTA has refused to budge off of its long held position that the wage increases not exceed two percent.  This is totally unacceptable to us.  We have communicated this in clear, unmistakable terms.  Our position will not change, and we will not settle this agreement unless management moves in a positive direction.


On departmentals, we have made progress for a number of our titles and those talks continue between our Vice Presidents and Divisional officers and their counterparts on the MTA side.


Our absolute goal is to reach a settlement by Midnight. If we cannot reach agreement with the MTA that meets the needs of our membership, I will be calling an emergency session of the Local 100 Executive Board for tomorrow, Jan. 16, 2017 to weigh our options moving forward into the week.


I will update you later today on where we are. 


In Solidarity,


John Samuelsen

President, TWU Local 100