Don't Forget To Vote In Your Union Election!

Ballots in the TWU Local 100 election were mailed out November 14. To be counted, your ballot must be received by next Wednesday, December 5, by 8:30 am.

Your vote is a key piece of the right you have, as a union member, to express your view about how you want Local 100 to run over the next three years. For most of us those three years includes the negotiation of a new contract during uncertain times. For workers in MTA -related properties we face an Authority which claims to be losing money by the billions, with critics who say Transit Workers are getting paid too much!

If you have your ballot, and intend to vote, you must get it in this week. If you misplaced your ballot, or didn't receive one, call 1.800.529.5218, and the American Arbitration Association will send a new one to you immediately. If you called over the Thanksgiving weekend, and found a full voicemail please try again.