Elevator Positions are Saved

An Announcement from Transport Workers Union Local 100

Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018 – The Transit Authority has agreed not to proceed with two proposed budget cuts that would have directly impacted subway riders and station staff: the elimination of elevator operators at five deep-cavern stations in Washington Heights, and the closure of subway station booths in the system. This breakthrough came as a result of extensive discussions between Local 100 President Tony Utano and NYC Transit President Andy Byford.

TWU Stations Vice President Derick Echevarria, along with other Local 100 officers and members, also have been leafleting riders and urging them to tell the MTA to shelve these cuts, which were included in the preliminary 2019 budget. “This is a great outcome that both riders and workers wanted to see,” Echevarria said. “It wasn’t an easy process but this is the right result. The presence of transit workers gives riders a sense of safety and security. We are the ‘eyes and ears’ and provide valuable customer service.”

The Washington Heights stations where elevator operators will now remain are: 168thSt., 181stSt. and 190thSt. on the A line, and 181stSt. and 191stSt. on the No. 1 line. These are unique deep-cavern stations. The 191stSt. station is 180 feet below street level and the deepest in the subway station. Riders overwhelmingly have said that the presence of transit workers gives them a sense of safety and security.

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The MTA won't go through with a proposal to close several subway booths and do away with 75 station agent positions, after the idea got pushback from workers and riders worried about safety.