Executive Board Authorizes Strike Action at First Mile Square; Elevates Chiarello to Vice President of MOW, and Makes Other Appointments

Top Officers Swore in John Chiarello (in maroon shirt) and Duvet Williams of MOW
Top Officers Swore in John Chiarello (in maroon shirt) and Duvet Williams of MOW

The Local 100 Executive Board has authorized President Tony Utano to call a strike at First Mile Square School Bus company in Yonkers, pending recommendation by the Negotiating Committee. No strike date has been set, but School Bus Division Chair and Executive Board member Gus Moghrabi said that talks with the company that employs 600 Local 100 members are showing little progress. Moghrabi told the Board at its Oct. 25, 2017 meeting that the bargaining committee is planning a press conference and membership action for November 2, 2017 to update the public on the situation.  At issue, among others, are increases to daily work guarantees that are a vital component of school bus contracts in Yonkers and elsewhere. “We’re simply asking for the same pay guarantee as in the other school bus contracts,” he said.

In other actions, the Executive Board approved the appointment of LE/S Chair John Chiarello to MOW Vice President.  Chiarello fills the vacancy created by the elevation of former Vice President Tony Utano to Local 100 President. The Board then voted to elevate LE/S Vice Chair Duvet Williams to Chair of the Division. The Board also acted to fill vacancies in the Private Operations Division and at the Liberty Lines Valhalla Depot, as follows:

• Carlos Bernabel was named Division Chair to replace the retiring Bill Mooney.

• Tom Monaco was elevated to Chair, Valhalla Depot.

• Robert Johnson was named Depot Recording Secretary, and

• Leonard Lee was appointed Depot Vice Chair.