Focus on Safety as Union Pushes Best Practices

Your union has been pressing the MTA to accelerate the installation of the sliding-panel bus partitions, utilize higher-grade air filters on rolling stock, and increase membership testing in order to better identify workers who may have the virus but do not yet have symptoms.

All of us, meanwhile, can take steps to combat the virus. We are in this together. These are just some of the measures we can take:

Please, wear your masks. As we demand riders wear face coverings on buses and subways, we also must be diligent and mask-up in our crew rooms and break rooms.

Try to social distance when you can. Management is moving to place empty buses and trains outside facilities to create more available space. The MTA also is moving to utilized trailers and lease additional office space for this purpose.

Enroll in Direct Deposit. Thousands of members still pick-up printed paychecks. You can avoid this person-to-person contact with Direct Deposit.