Tell the United States Senate to fund public transportation – and give America’s pandemic heroes hazard pay.

The House of Representatives passed the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions, or HEROES, Act in May. The proposal would provide billions of dollars in operating assistance for transit agencies like the Metropolitan Transportation and hazard pay for the front-line and essential workers who remained on the job through the ongoing pandemic.

The Republican-controlled Senate, however, has been reluctant to move forward with more federal funding for these issues.

Contact Republican senators and tell them funding the MTA is good for America. A report released Wednesday by the good-government group Reinvent Albany shows that the MTA generated $8 billion and 100,000 jobs in states outside of New York between 2011 and 2018, including Republican strongholds like Texas, where the agency buys Dell computers, and West Virginia, where many of New York’s railroad ties are manufactured.

Tell the G.O.P. senators to fund mass transit. It is critical that it be safe, affordable and frequent if the economy is to rebound. Tell them to fund hazard pay and honor the service of the essential workers, including transit workers, who have kept America moving. How to contact senators: