Molinaro Plan to "Fix" the MTA a Non-Starter

After reviewing Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro's plan to "fix" the MTA, TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano had the following statement, which was also covered in the New York Post:

"The Molinaro plan for the MTA is a total non-starter that relies on faulty statistics, and a vicious anti-union theory that workers are overcompensated for their labor.

"The core of the Molinaro plan would slash wages and benefits for a transit workforce that is laboring 24 hours a day 7 days a week to operate and improve the system, while fending off assaults and dodging the incredible day-to-day dangers on the job.  Just this week, one Trackworker nearly lost his life after an accident on the tracks, and yet another was the target of a mace assault.
"These are daily occurrences that Molinaro obviously doesn't take into consideration or he simply doesn't care.  If he did a ride-along for one night with a Bus Operator or Train Crew, or stood alongside Trackworkers laboring near live third rails and live train traffic, he might change his tune.  Molinaro's scheme is just cribbing nonsense from anti-worker sources.  He obviously doesn't have a clue what goes on in transit."