Mother's Day Greetings from Your Union

Sisters and Brothers,

I extend greetings on behalf of our union leadership on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Women are an increasingly important part of the transit workforce as barriers continue to fall in what used to be male-dominated industries. Women operating trains and buses are now commonplace, and now in our trades titles, women are operating heavy equipment. Many flaggers, who provide safety throughout the system, are women.

As a result, motherhood has become a concern and a responsibility of TWU Local 100, and recent bargaining sessions have established new protections and rights for expectant mothers and new mothers. I say, this is long overdue and I am proud to be a part of moving these initiatives forward.

On a personal note, just last month I welcomed my first grandchild, a daughter, and my daughter-in-law, Nanci, is a proud first-time mother. My grand-daughter, Nina Fay, is entering a world in which more opportunities are open to her – thanks in no small part to what our labor unions have accomplished. We will keep that momentum going.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Tony Utano, President