New Promotional Opportunities Available in Stations Department

Additional training and promotional opportunities are now available to Station Agents and CTAs in the Stations Department, Vice President Robert Kelley announced.

After discussions with management, Station Agents have a path to becoming a Collecting Agent, which would mean a pay increase of $1.13 per hour, Kelley said. Transit will pick up the cost for you to obtain your CDL license and your gun permit.You must have three years of service, and your time and attendance will be reviewed by management to determine eligibility.

Cleaners, meanwhile, can obtain their CDL, also on the company’s dime, so they can potentially pick into driver positions in the refuse department. “This is all about giving more and expanded opportunities for the Stations Department,” Kelley said. “We want the membership to have opportunities for growth, both professionally and financially.”

Station Agents interested in applying for the Collecting Agent position, go to the MTA BSC portal:

Cleaners interested in the CDL write a G2 to Marie Bernoff in Refuse.