New York’s largest transit union making push for Congestion Pricing

IB ImageWEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 -- Transport Workers Union Local 100 is urging the State Legislature to enact Congestion Pricing, which would give transit workers the equipment and infrastructure they need to provide world-class service.
    TWU Local 100 is running a full-page advertisement in The New York Daily News today (at left). TWU also will be leafleting riders in the transit system, Local 100 President Tony Utano said Tuesday.
    “The New York economy will falter if the NYC bus-and-subway system subway crisis is not solved,” Utano said. “We’ve made progress with the Subway Action Plan – but we can’t stop now. Our elected officials must pass congestion pricing.”
    The ad states that Congestion Pricing would generate billions of dollars for improvements such as hundreds of new subway trains, thousands of new buses and a modernized signal system.
    TWU Local 100 represents more than 40,000 bus and subway workers employed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, including train operators, bus operators, mechanics, station agents and trackworkers.

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