Pelham Barn Workers Mourn CI Alaa Khalil

His co-worker and shop chair, Lionel Harris, said, “he came to the shop every night, got his assignment and went to work.  Nobody really wanted that job because it’s the toughest, dirtiest job in the shop.  But he picked it, and did it without complaint, ever.” Harris added that Brother Khalil “took a leadership role at the shop.  He was very knowledgeable, and took the younger workers under his wing.  The mood at the Barn is very somber.  Everyone is on pins and needles.”

RCI Mohammed Elgamal, a close friend, called him “a very good man, a hard worker.  He sent money home to his family in Egypt every two weeks.”  He said that Brother Khalil had earned an engineering degree in Egypt and that he had worked in the oil fields in Saudi Arabia before immigrating to the United States and finding work with NYCT. Another friend, shop steward Bilal Khan said that Brother Khalil “was a very nice guy.  He participated in everything.  Everyone like him.”  

Many of Brother Khalil’s co-workers posted their condolences on the CED Rank and File Facebook page.  Here’s one of those posts, by Ilsha Baazov: “I worked with him in 2014-2015 on the inspection team at Corona barn.  He was a good man, with great personality, always ready to help with both business and advice.  He had a constant smile and a generous soul.  Rest in Peace, my friend.”

Brother Khalil is survived by his entire family back in Egypt, including his wife and three children.  He was very proud that his 17-year old son is an American citizen.