Statement from Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Tony Utano on Supreme Court Janus Decision.

"The Supreme Court majority is nothing but a bunch of Pinkertons in black robes. As expected, they are helping right-wing politicians and greedy corporate executives who want to bust unions and silence workers. Unions are nothing more than workingmen and working women advocating for fair wages, affordable healthcare and solid pensions so they don’t wind up paupers in their old age, all of which reduces revenues and profits.

Still, we are cautiously optimistic this putrid ruling will have a minimal impact on TWU Local 100. We are a very active, aggressive and growing union. We are always ready and willing to fight the bosses. Transit workers know that, and know how important it is to support their union so they don’t become doormats for the MTA or other employers.

Transit workers also know that the TWU has been and will continue to be an important pathway to the middle class for new immigrants to our city."

President Utano's remarks on the Janus decision to MTA Employees: