Structure Vice Chair Hesronni Cayenne Dies of the Virus

Brother Cayenne started at NYCT in 1999, and was in the same class as Structure Division Chair Richard Rocco, who said that the loss of his friend of more than 20 years “really hits hard.  He was such a nice, soft spoken guy, a real gentleman.”

Rocco said that Brother Cayenne was elected Vice Chair in December 2018 and was on union release on the overnights on a rotating basis.  “He was learning about the job of being a union representative.  He was going to be a good rep because he was always there when you needed him, and all the men like him.  His death is a terrible loss to Structure.”

Vice President John Chiarello said that Brother Cayenne’s passing “is a heartbreaking loss to our union and to his wife and children. It’s terrible.” President Tony Utano offered his condolences to Brother Cayenne’s family.  “Many of our union officers in all Divisions have fallen sick to the virus as they have tried to represent the workers in the middle of this crisis.  And now we have lost one of them.  This is really difficult for the entire leadership team.”