Suspects in Manhattan Assault on Bus Operator Caught

The NYPD arrested a homeless couple and charged them with the Aug. 31 assault on a Bus Operator in Manhattan. The M2 Bus Operator was punched repeatedly in the face and suffered head, neck and back injuries. Police identified the suspects as Juan Ortiz, 35, and Shady Newton, 26.
“I want to thank the NYPD for identifying and arresting the individuals responsible for this sickening attack. Now the District Attorney, and the judges who get this case, have to do their job and give these two more than just a slap on the wrist.” Tony Utano, president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, said. “While we are grateful for the arrests, we strongly urge the NYPD to develop a plan to patrol and be a regular presence throughout the city for the safety of our Operators and riders.”
The Bus Operator did not kick the couple off the bus as was reported by some in the media. They couple got off at the last stop.
Here is what transpired:
The couple boarded the bus along the route and didn’t pay the fare. The Bus Operator reminded them that the fare had just been put back into effect and that riders have to pay. They ignored him and proceeded to the back of the bus. Another rider then complained to the couple about their farebeating. The couple threatened to beat up the rider, who then went up to the Bus Operator and expressed his fear of being harmed. As the bus was coming to the end of the route, the Bus Operator instructed the fearful rider to remain on board and let the couple exit. The Operator then drove around the corner to the lay-up. The couple followed the bus on foot. When the lone rider exited, the male assailant put his hand between the closing doors and prevented them from closing. The female then boarded the bus and punched the Bus Operator repeatedly in the face.