TWU Local 100/M3 Tech Scholarships Grant $66,000 to Children of Transit Workers

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DECEMBER 21 -- A roomful of proud parents applauded as TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano, along with John Pescitelli of M3 Technology, gave out $66,000 in scholarships to college students, the children of TWU Local 100 members, along with a few members who are in college part-time while on active duty. Four of the 50 winners got $5,000 scholarships, with the rest receiving $1,000 each. Members are drawn by lottery, and can win in more than one year.

President Utano, congratulating the students, said it was possible that one of them might discover a cure for cancer. He urged them not to forget where they came from, sustained by the support of their parents and TWU Local 100. He noted that the union's scholarship program with M3, which supplies life, disability, and other insurance products to members on a voluntary basis, has been in place since 2010. Each year, the amount of scholarship monies have increased, with a total of $245,000 awarded to date.

IB ImageAnila Williams, one of the $5,000 winners, is a student at the Florida Institute of Technology, working towards a degree in electrical engineering. Standing with her father, Albert, who works as an EMD in MOW/LES, Anila said that she wanted to "get a taste of everything" before she settles down to a career after graduation. Her immediate plans include an internship on the electrical maintenance team at SUNY, and possibly an application to NYCT.