TWU President Samuelsen Petitions Gov. Cuomo to Intervene in Contract Dispute with the MTA

Click the image above to read the letter
Click the image above to read the letter

TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen petitioned NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to intervene in the protracted contract dispute between the union, representing 34,000 transit workers, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In his letter, Mr. Samuelsen said that in spite of intensified talks, significant stumbling blocks remain between the parties and have been preventing settlement of a contract for over two years. “Absent your intervention, I do not see a path to resolving a number of difficult issues,” he wrote. Samuelsen cited the dedicated work of his members during and after Hurricane Sandy and the steady advance in the cost of living as factors that demand a settlement at this time. He also noted the Governor’s previous success in bringing the parties together in a successful resolution of the Con Ed lockout of 2012.

Dear Gov. Cuomo:

On behalf of the 34,000 hard-working men and women employed by the MTA New York City Transit and MaBSTOA, I urge you to personally intervene to bring an end to the protracted contract dispute between TWU Local 100 and the MTA.

I have resisted making this request for more than two years because I felt the differences between Local 100 and the MTA were too wide to bridge.

Recent conversations between myself and MTA Chair Tom Prendergast have intensified and while talks have produced some progress in understanding one another’s needs, significant stumbling blocks remain. Absent your intervention, I do not see a path to resolving a number of difficult issues.

As you know, transit workers provide a vital service to millions of New Yorkers seven days a week 24 hours a day, mostly in anonymity. But Superstorm Sandy put our essential contributions to the economy and the social fabric of our City on full display, both in the immediate aftermath of the storm and for months on end in the tireless efforts our members have demonstrated in reconstructing the transit system.

Throughout this time, we labored without complaint, and without demands for a contract settlement as a price for our daily ‘above-and-beyond’ performance.

By the same token, the continuing pressures of providing this service under difficult circumstances to an ever-expanding rider base, rising consumer prices, and years without any tangible recognition for our efforts have greatly impacted our members’ morale.

It is in everyone’s best interest to finally settle this long overdue dispute in a fair and equitable manner.

I understand that the MTA is an independent agency. However, you have stepped into labor disputes when circumstances required, such as your settlement of the Con Ed lockout in 2012. Quite frankly, I believe that your input is essential now if we are to reach a deal with the MTA. I am prepared to meet at a moment’s notice to bring this matter to conclusion.

TWU Local 100 urges you to get involved.


John Samuelsen


TWU Local 100