Union Blasts MTA for Projecting a Wage Freeze for Local 100 Workforce

The MTA today unveiled a four-year financial plan that includes a wage freeze. TWU Local 100 has a contract with a wage increase scheduled for May.

The following is a statement from TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano. “If the MTA wants to go to war with its work force, then they will get a war. They must be out of their minds. There is no way that transit workers – who put everything on the line for this state and city – are going to sit back and meekly accept a wage freeze. We will fight any such move in arbitration and in the courts, and in the bus depots, rail yards, shops, stations and the streets if necessary.

"We have a contract. We expect that contract to be honored. More than 130 NYC Transit and commuter railroad workers who kept NY moving through this pandemic perished. Thousands became sick. If the MTA doesn’t fulfill its contractual obligation, then the MTA will be showing workers that all of its praise and slick videos honoring them are nothing more than meaningless public relations B.S.”

President Utano also thanked TWU International President John Samuelsen for his strong support at the MTA board meeting today.