Union Holds Press Conference to Commend Collecting Agent who Acted to Aid Police Officer

“He could have killed the police officer, possibly could have grabbed his weapon.” The Agent pulled the 16-year-old’s arms away from the officer on at least a couple of occasions, helping until additional officers arrived.

“Our agent is a hero,” Kelley said. “It wasn’t his job, but he took initiative, and we commend him for that.”

Secretary-Treasurer Davis, representing Local 100 President Tony Utano, said: “On behalf of Tony Utano, we’d like to thank our Collecting Agent for his heroic efforts. He is a hero. The city as well should thank and praise him for his efforts.”

The brawl, which also involved the teen’s girlfriend and a female police officer, took place at the 125th St/Lex. Ave. station in Harlem on Saturday, July 23. Police said the officers first told the teens to leave the station after they skipped the fare, according to news reports. The teen was “verbally aggressive” with the police for several minutes and then assaulted the officers when they attempted to arrest him, according to news accounts. The Agent said he wasn't injured in the scuffle and has not taken time off.