Union Mourns Second Coronavirus Death

MARCH 26 -- We have lost a second union brother to the Coronavirus.  MaBSTOA Bus Operator Oliver Cyrus out of the Manhattanville Depot passed away today.  Local 100 Vice President Richard Davis, who has known Brother Cyrus for most of his 21 years on the job, said he was “a quiet, humble man.  He was well liked by all his co-workers.  The workers at Manhattanville are all very upset.  There's a somber mood at the depot.”

Brother Cyrus was born in Guyana and lived in Brooklyn. He was 61.

Brother Peter Petrassi, a 49-year old Conductor for 21 years, passed away earlier today from the Coronavirus.

TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano said that this second death in one day “is such a terrible and incredibly sad loss.  My heart goes out to Brother Cyrus’ family and all his co-workers at Manhattanville Depot. Transit workers, Police, Firefighters, EMS and health care workers and other essential public employees have put themselves into harm's way for the greater good of our City and our society. They are true heroes."