Union Mourns Shop Steward Michael Opperisano, 65

Electronic Equipment Maintainer Michael Opperisano, who was a dedicated Shop Steward at the East New York Electronics Shop, passed away of cardiac-related causes last week. He leaves two sons, Anthony and Joseph. He began his career at the Transit Authority in 2005. His son Joseph called his father “the hardest working man I’ve ever known,” and recalled that “he stood up for the guys at work. He wouldn’t let anything slide with management. He loved his job.”

Executive Board Member Mario Galvet, who worked at the same shop and who left Opperisano in charge when he assumed his duties on the union’s Executive Board, said the EEM “took his job very seriously. He’s someone who safeguarded the contractual rights of the members at his work location.”

There will be a viewing for Brother Opperisano on Good Friday, April 19th, from 2 to 9 PM at the Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home at 4123 Fourth avenue, Brooklyn NY 11232.