Union Protests Arrest of Co-worker By ‘Overzealous’ Police Lieutenant

TWU Local 100 members and officers converged on Manhattan Criminal Court at 100 Centre Steet this morning (June 29, 2017) to support fellow transit worker, Darryl Goodwin, who Local 100 Stations Vice President Derrick Echevarria says was arrested on trumped up charges by “an overzealous Police Lieutenant who got up on the wrong side of the bed.” Station Agent Goodwin was working lunch reliefs on May 18th when the Police Lieutenant claims Goodwin refused to electronically buzz him through a gate as he pursued a shoplifting suspect.

Echevarria said that the Police version of events that led to Goodwin’s arrest “is totally inconsistent with the guy I have known since we went to high school together. Darryl is a hardworking, quiet person who has an outstanding service record with New York City Transit over a 27-year career. His arrest was an outrage, and an overreach by someone with anger management issues, and we’re here to support our co-worker against these false charges.”