Union Wins First Contract at Trans Express; Vote in Favor 96 to 8

JULY 8 -- Trans Express members, newly represented by TWU Local 100 since November of 2017, have won a first contract with substantial raises for all. The contract ratification was announced by President Tony Utano who credited the dedicated efforts of Frank McCann, Director of Organizing, Division Chair Carlos Bernabel, Organizer Dexter Victory, and union attorneys Edward Kennedy and Jade Morrison. The agreement, which expires in December of 2022, sets wages and other terms for approximately 200 Drivers and Matrons who bring passengers to far-flung properties in New York City and environs, including Pepsico Headquarters, Ikea, Hornblower (the ferry service), Resorts World, and Arch Care. During the struggle leading up to the agreement an arbitrator found that a wrongfully dismissed employee who worked with Local 100 was due back wages of $20,000, attesting to the hard-fought nature of our campaign.