Utano Blasts MTA Threats of Cutbacks in New Radio Spots

Local 100 launched a new radio campaign against the MTA’s threats of layoffs and wage freezes, declaring the union will not reopen its contract and that transit workers “have sacrificed way too much” already.

The spot also calls on the MTA to stop paying out huge sums of money to consultants and contractors for work that can be done by the in-house workforce.  Utano also calls for the reinstatement of the stock transfer tax “so Wall Street can pay its fair share.”


The 60-second spots began running after midnight on Labor Day.  You can hear it here.


 2nd Spot Reminds Riders to Wear a Mask
A second 15-second spot reminds New Yorkers to wear a mask when riding the buses and trains.  You can hear that one here.