Utano Calls for Around the Clock Bargaining

Local 100 President Tony Utano has issued a call for “around the clock bargaining” with the MTA in an effort to secure a new contract for transit workers.

In a letter to MTA Chair/CEO Pat Foye, Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and the entire MTA Board, Utano said that face-to-face main table sessions with the MTA have not been constructive.

Utano insinuated that Foye has brought his Port Authority mentality to the MTA, where as its Chair, he allowed contracts to languish for years unresolved.  He noted that Foye’s successor at the PA has settled all outstanding union contracts “amiably.”

“We do not believe that you have thus far made any good faith effort to settle our contract,” Utano stated.  “As Chairman and CEO of the MTA, you must have the capacity and the willingness to negotiate a fair contract with employees. The episodic and sporadic meetings you have held thus far have been wholly superficial and counterproductive.” Utano said that he is “committed to trying to negotiate in good faith,” and he demanded that the MTA Board direct Foye “to hold intensive, closed door negotiating sessions with Local 100.”