Utano Visits New Titled Customer Service Ambassadors

Local 100 President Tony Utano checked in with two veteran Station Agents working in the new title, Customer Service Ambassador (Wayfinders) at the busy Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center complex.  Utano was accompanied by Vice President Derick Ecchevaria, Division Chair Joe Bermudez and union liaison for the new program, Ellton Perez.  Utano told Station Agents Chen and Peoples, who said they were generally happy with their new assignments of helping passengers navigate the subway system, that the union is committed to making the new pilot program work long term for Station Agents.  “We want to stay ahead of technology,” Utano said, referring to the MTA’s future plans for “contactless” fair collection.  “We can’t let technology get ahead of us.  I’m all about protecting our members’ jobs,” said Utano.

In the photo, SA Chen, in his new role as a Customer Service Ambassador (Wayfinder) assists passenger with directions at the Atlantic Terminal complex.

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