Your Contract Ballot is in the Mail

Ballots for our contract ratification vote have been mailed to all good-standing members. They are due back by Wednesday, February 15th. The postage is paid, so all you have to do is fill out your ballot and put it in the mail. Along with the ballot, you will receive the 8-page contract brochure and associated materials. These documents are also available for your review on the union website by clicking here.

The American Arbitration Association is handling the balloting process. If you do not receive a ballot by Friday, February 3, call the AAA at 800-529-5218, to obtain another ballot.

This agreement includes tremendous value in terms of wages that easily outstrip inflation, as well as other gains that will boost our earning power well beyond the percentage increases. We have protected our health benefits with no added out of pocket costs, and we won substantial new money for our dental plan that will, among other things, extend coverage to our dependents to age 26. Significant gains have been won for our 5,000 women transit workers, including build-out of new facilities for their needs and new coverage for reconstructive surgery.

We won commuter passes for members who live within the City limits, joining those outside the city who benefited from this provision in our last agreement. On signing, a new sick-leave provision makes large cash payments available on retirement for thousands who did not have this option before. A me-too agreement with the Long Island Railroad (whose contract expired this past December) and other MTA bargaining units means that if they win any raise larger than ours, we win that percentage bump-up as part of our contract as well. As important, this is a concession-free contract, a major accomplishment in this age of public sector bargaining. It will also protect us over the contract term against any reduction in federal transit funds that may be legislated by the new Trump Administration in Washington.

Vote YES on this contract so that we can all begin enjoying its many benefits.