African-American Day Parade A Joyful Day

In what has become a signature event for TWU Local 100, hundreds of members marched through Harlem in the Annual African-American Day Parade. TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen and his wife, Lisa, joined the other top leadership of the Union and many rank and file members in the march, along with a large contingent of bikers on motorcycles who come out annually to share in the festivities. At the same time, other TWU members were marching in the People's Climate March through midtown Manhattan. "TWU was there in force, to celebrate black heritage. There was plenty of music, plenty of food, and plenty of good times with our brothers and sisters," said Administrative VP Angel Giboyeaux.

One good flyer deserves another.
One good flyer deserves another.

London Calling! TWU Local 100 Glad to Help Out

London’s Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (the RMT) – our brothers in arms across the pond – found inspiration in our recent graphic campaign to slow trains and prevent subway fatalities. We sent them our graphics files and they went to work, repurposing our graphic image of a chalk outline on the roadbed and making it the centerpiece of their campaign to bring back laid off workers who ensure safety on the Bakerloo line. The line’s management cut staffing, forcing train operators to drive out of service trains into stations or “sidings” in yards without checking for passengers who didn’t get off in time. The RMT points to the case of a 12-year old boy who found himself alone in a yard walking the tracks. Now the public is getting the message that this unsafe practice should end and that they should let London Underground management know they need to bring back the laid-off staff. See the RMT’s flyer here.

Brooklyn D.A. Thompson stands with President Samuelsen at Oct. 29, 2013 rally
Brooklyn D.A. Thompson stands with President Samuelsen at Oct. 29, 2013 rally

Brooklyn District Attorney indicts suspect in slashing of TA Surface Operator

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson announced that a suspect, Alfredo Perez, has been indicted on multiple charges in the assault on TA Surface Operator John Browne of Gleason Depot.

Perez is accused of attacking Browne the night of September 13. Browne was awaiting mechanical assistance for his B35 bus when Perez allegedly slashed his face with a knife.

From D.A. Thompson's press release:

Kings County District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson today announced that a 29-year old Bronx man has been indicted on assault and other charges for allegedly slashing the neck of a New York City Transit bus driver earlier this month.

District Attorney Thompson said, “This defendant could have easily killed this innocent and hardworking bus driver who was simply waiting for his bus to be towed after it broke down. We will now vigorously prosecute this and any other violent and senseless attack on any Transit worker in Brooklyn.”

The District Attorney identified the defendant as Alfredo Perez, 29, of 1363 Franklin Avenue in the Bronx. He has been named in a six-count indictment in which he is charged with first-degree assault, first-degree attempted assault, two counts of second-degree assault, third-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. The indictment was filed yesterday in Brooklyn Supreme Court. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison. The defendant is presently being held on $15,000 bail, which was set at his Criminal Court arraignment.

Pianist Peter Serkin Plays in the Series
Pianist Peter Serkin Plays in the Series

Classical Music Only $10 With Your MTA ID

The Peoples' Symphony Concerts is offering MTA employees $10 tickets to 18 concerts in their 2014-2015 season which starts in October. Read their flyer here. Get acquainted with western art music (classical music) and see some of the classical world's greatest performers for a price you won't find anywhere else. These are artists who play some of the world's top venues, like Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall -- these  concerts are a chance to see them on small stages for a great price.

NJ Transit: Temporary MNR Passes Will be Accepted on Certain Lines

New Jersey Transit has issued an instruction to its staff honoring the new Metro North commuting passes at some of its stations. The MNR pass will be accepted for transportation on the Main-Bergen/Port Jervis and Pascack Valley Lines, to and/or from any Metro-North Station, for passage through the Secaucus Fare Gates, and for travel between Secaucus and New York. When you use the pass, you must also display your NYCT Photo ID.

People's Climate March Beats Expectations; TWU Credited with Organizing Support

An estimated 310,000 marchers dominated midtown Manhattan on Sunday to call on world governments to take action to reduce global warming. TWU Local 100 had played an important role in organizing the march by giving, the main sponsor, space at the Union Hall to train Peacekeepers who were present throughout the event wearing distinctive vests and armbands. Local 100 officials and rank and file also marched. Transit workers have a particular stake in climate change: Not only do rising sea levels threaten transit infrastructure, but the solutions to climate change should include more funding for mass transit to give people an alternative to gas-guzzling cars. TA Surface Vice President JP Patafio closed out the labor rally that preceded the march with a powerful speech in which he called upon corporate interests to take the environment into account or face shut-down by angry unions and citizens.

We Win at NYC Bike Share as Company Agrees on Voluntary Recognition of TWU Local 100

TWU Local 100 is now the exclusive bargaining representative of New York City bike share workers, after an agreement was signed Tuesday night. TWU becomes the first to unionize the growing bikeshare industry across the US, with plans to organize workers in other cities as well. TWU Local 100 President called bike share "uncharted territory" for unions, and said that organizing committees are forming to unionize additional bike share workers. TWU Local 100 views bike share workers as part of the urban transportation system, bringing mobility, healthy exercise, and environmental responsibility to the mix. Prior to the signing of the agreement, Local 100 had waged an organizing campaign among the 200-plus bike share workers in New York City, and a majority had signed union cards. The win by TWU Local 100 comes just days after another successful organizing drive brought 550 new members into the fold, who are employees of Global Contact Services which is a call center under contract to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Local 100 Hockey Team Forming

Telephone Equipment Maintainer Nick Gallo is organizing an ice hockey team for TWU Local 100, with the objective of playing other unions in the NYC area. Brother Gallo reports that the men's league is starting at the end of September, and everyone that's on the roster now will meet on the ice for the first time on September 27 to decide on where we stand to join the league. We're looking for Local 100 members who are hockey players to come out and join up! If you're  interested, please contact Brother Gallo via email at See you when the puck drops!


Samuelsen at Javits: If it Moves in NYC, It's Ours

A thousand TWU Local 100 rank and file members came to the Jacob Javits Center Saturday to hear President John Samuelsen and Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips give reports on the year's accomplishments. President Samuelsen pushed hard on organizing new properties, telling the rank and file that "if it moves in New York City, it's our work," signaling a new determination on the part of the union to bring unorganized transit properties and affiliated business into the fold. Just a few hours later, the Local 100 organizing team would report a major victory: organizing 550 new members at Global Contact Services in Queens.

Members also heard, via video, from four political leaders who won primary challenges with Local 100's strong support in the field: Brooklyn's Jesse Hamilton, Latoya Joyner, Latrice Walker, and Rodneyse Bichotte, all of whom are expected to win general election challenges in November and take seats in the New York State legislature. They heard good news as well from Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips, who reported that Local 100 has brought another nine thousand members into good standing since the beginning of the Samuelsen administration. The Local's Widows and Orphans Fund, supported by member contributions has raised the level of support for the education of children of those who have died in the line of duty to $10,000 per year. For more news on the meeting, see the upcoming issue of the Transport Workers Bulletin in the mail soon.

Big Win as TWU Local 100 Organizes Global Paratransit
Big Win as TWU Local 100 Organizes Global Paratransit

Major Organizing Win as TWU Local 100 Organizes Global Paratransit

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 -- Early this morning, TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen released a letter of congratulations to Union staff involved in the successful organizing drive to represent  employees at Global Contact Services' Paratransit operation on Northern Boulevard in Queens. The facility employs 550 call takers and reservation agents who schedule paratransit services for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Here is President Samuelsen's letter:

It is with great satisfaction that I announce Local 100 has been victorious in our drive to represent  550 Paratransit dispatch workers at Global, on Northern Boulevard. The ballots were just tallied and we have prevailed! Global is anti union corporation from the south, and they ran an extremely vigorous anti union campaign . We fought back, organized the workers and defeated Global. We defeated two other unions which were on the ballot as well.

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Members at White Plains Bus Embrace New Contract


TWU Local 100 members at White Plains Bus have ratified a new, five-year contract by an overwhelming 214-9 margin.

The contract provides for ten wage increases totaling 14.2%. Other provisions include guaranteed hours and a union-run pick for school bus.

Congratulations to our members at White Plains Bus, and to Union officers Gus Moghrabi, Hector Cartagena, Davy Erasmo and Laura McCloughlin, who were instrumental in securing this contract.

[Photo: members at White Plains review the contract before ratifying it.]

Thirteen Years Later, We Remember the Efforts of Transit Workers at Ground Zero

Photos not showing on your mobile device? View gallery at this link

As the towers fell 13 years ago, New York City transit mobilized for the evacuation of lower Manhattan, the painstaking search for victims, and the removal of hundreds of tons of broken cement and i-beams. Our subways and buses brought countless New Yorkers swiftly away from the disaster site, and rushed in hundreds of Firefighters and Police Officers who came to render aid. We picked up passengers from Cortlandt St/World Trade Center just as the towers fell. We brought in heavy rigs and began hauling 80,000 pound loads of debris by tractor trailer from the site. We cut steel and put the supercrane into service at the site that usually lifts sections of railroad track. But in the history of those days, transit workers are generally overlooked. The official histories don't record that three thousand TWU Local 100 members worked on the pile, many for weeks. Today, many suffer health effects from their service. TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen was one of those there on a daily basis serving alongside those from most every title in transit. These photos document some our work at Ground Zero as we remember this tragedy 13 years later. Here's how the Local 100 Express covered 9/11 in November of 2001.

Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly as Domonic Whilby’s Lawyer Makes an Exit

Outside New York County Criminal Court, bereaved widow Nancy Pena and attorney Sanford Rubinstein talk to the press about the lack of progress in the prosecution of Domonic Whilby, who killed Nancy’s husband, Bus Operator William Pena, last February. Today in court, Whilby’s attorney Harvey Slovis asked Judge Gregory Carro to release him from the case, on the grounds that he was not being paid. Carro did not immediately grant the request and postponed the case to October 22.

Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer (D-Yonkers) won by a 4-1 margin with the strong backing of TWU Local 100. At right at the 9/9 victory celebration is Admin VP Angel Giboyeaux.
Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer (D-Yonkers) won by a 4-1 margin with the strong backing of TWU Local 100. At right at the 9/9 victory celebration is Admin VP Angel Giboyeaux.

Big Wins for TWU as Bichotte, Walker, Hamilton all Triumph in Brooklyn; Mayer Wins in W'Chester

We picked 'em in Kings County. TWU Local 100's Political Action Committee under the direction of Marvin Holland came up with big winners on Primary Night. The New York Times called the election for Rodneyse Bichotte in the 42nd Assembly District shortly after 12 midnight. Rodneyse marched with Local 100 in the West Indian Day Parade and won decisively in a four-way race after losing two years ago. We put a lot of resources into her campaign, determined to win this time around. We also put manpower and literature into the candidacy of Latrice Walker, who was one of seven competing in the 55th Assembly District against a candidate who many thought had a powerful machine. The pundits turned out to be wrong and Latrice took it with 40% of the votes over 22% for Lori Boozer. In Sunset Park and Flatbush, TWU's candidate Jesse Hamilton crushed Rubain Dorancey 2-1. Elsewhere in the City, the news was also good for TWU. A dedicated friend of mass transit, Adriano Espaillat, pulled out a narrow victory in Manhattan over Robert Jackson. Jeffrey Klein cruised to a solid win over Oliver Koppell in Senate District 34. In Westchester, Shelley Mayer, a good friend of Local 100, easily turned aside a challenge from Michael Sweeney, winning 4-1. And at the top of the ticket, our picks for Governor and Lt. Governor -- Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul, won with strong showings. Hats off to our volunteers in the field and our members who got out and voted! IB Image

G Whiz! TWU Credited for Fast G-Line Tunnel Restoration

SEPTEMBER 3 -- TWU Local 100 Vice President for Maintenance of Way Tony Utano along with MTA Chief of Subways Joe Leader congratulated the hundreds of workers from all MOW trades who rebuilt the flooded Greenpoint Tube for the G Train after it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. In a ceremony on the waterfront by Newtown Creek, Utano and Leader touted the accomplishments of our Track, Electrical, RTO, EMD, Infastructure, Third Rail, and Stations crews who made it all possible. In his remarks, Utano spoke of Local 100's ability to get the job done on time and under budget, and with a familiarity with every inch of the tunnel that no outside contractor could match.

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