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MTA COVID Update -- October 18

The MTA has rolled out its new Covid-19 testing program. 

If you are unvaccinated - and testing is taking place at your work location - you are required to get tested every week. 
Supervisors are not going to direct you to get tested. If a testing station is at your work location, it’s up to you to participate.
It’s free and easy. Protect yourself, your co-workers, and your families from the deadly virus.
It can take days before Covid-19 symptoms emerge. 
Testing is the only way to detect the virus early so you can get treatment right away and can quarantine to prevent spreading it to others.
For more information, including the times and locations of testing sites, go to MTA Covid-19 Resource Center:

Car Equipment, Stations Mourn Terminal CTA Valdemore Richardson, 49

The Union is mourning the passing of Valdemore Richardson, age 49, a Terminal Cleaner who worked at the Stillwell Terminal on the A.M. tour in Coney Island.  Brother Richardson was in the process of purchasing a home in Mountainville, NY, when he unexpectedly passed away on Monday, October 4th.

Stations VP Robert Kelley who has been assisting the Richardson family during this difficult time, described Brother Richardson as a world-class husband and loving father.  CED VP Shirley Martin also described Brother Richardson as a well-liked individual who will truly be missed by his co-workers.  

Brother Richardson leaves behind his wife, Shatisha Richardson; daughter Summer Rayne, 6 years old; and two children he lovingly called his “bonus children” Kayla Jade, 18 years old and Chase Anthony, 13 years old.  Shatisha stated her husband loved his job and his MTA family.

Brother Richardson was an honorable family man who loved and cherished his family and wanted nothing more but the best for them.  His in-laws told Local 100 that Valdemore’s family was his life and everything else came second as far as what was important to him. Valdemore’s wife, Shatisha, during this difficult time, was able to jokingly share with us that not only did she love her husband, she actually liked him a lot!

Remarks of Eric Adams at the Unveiling of Local 100's Memorial to our Transit Workers who Died from COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 30 -- Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who is also the Democratic candidate for Mayor, addressed the families of transit workers who died from COVID-19 before vaccines became widely available. He was introduced by Local 100 President Tony Utano.

Remarks of Letitia James, Attorney General of the State of New York, at Local 100's Unveiling of a Memorial for our COVID Dead

SEPTEMBER 30 -- Letitia "Tish" James, a good friend of the Union, attended our unveiling ceremony for a permanent memorial to transit workers who died of COVID-19. She was introduced by TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano.

President Utano's Remarks at the Unveiling of Union's Memorial to Members Who Died of COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 30 -- TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano's remarks to the families of members who lost transit worker breadwinners during the COVID-19 epidemic, before vaccines were widely available.

NY1 Report Captures Dignity, Gravity of Memorial to Transit Workers who Died of COVID19

This report, filed by NY1 Reporter Dan Rivoli, features an interview with Veronica Fletcher, whose husband, Joseph, was a Bus Maintainer who died of COVID-19 early in the pandemic. On September 30th, families of those who passed from this disease joined union leadership and Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams and NY State Attorney General Tish James for the unveiling of our permanent memorial.

Union Unveils Permanent Memorial to Members Lost to COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 30 -- TWU Local 100 unveiled today our permanent memorial to the members we lost to Covid-19 in a moving ceremony at the Union Hall. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and New York State Attorney General Letitia James joined Local 100 President Tony Utano, the other top officers of the union, and more than 50 family members who lost a loved one to the virus for the event. The Union will be posting additional photos and video in the coming days. Here’s some information about Memorial Plaque and Memorial Painting now on display on the third floor at 195 Montague St.

The Memorial Plaque -- The Memorial Plaque features the engraved names and titles of Local 100 members who died after contracting a confirmed case of Covid-19. The only exception is Train Operator Garrett Goble. TO Goble was killed when an arsonist lit a fire on his train in Harlem during the pandemic. Garrett helped passengers evacuate before he was overwhelmed by smoke from the blaze. The LED lights embedded in the plaque mark the work and reporting locations of our fallen heroes, creating a constellation that highlights their heroism, our loss, and their permanent residency in our hearts.

In his historic and final speech in Memphis on April 3, 1968, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about perseverance and hope, struggle and faith, and Civil Rights marchers being beacons of light in times of seemingly endless darkness. “The world is all messed up,” Dr. King said. “The nation is sick. Trouble is in the land; confusion all around… But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.” In the Great Pandemic that befell our planet, our country, our city and neighborhoods, the men and women of Transport Workers Union Local 100 kept our city moving, and fighting for survival. Transit workers were beacons of light, stars shining against an otherwise black sky. The concept for the plaque was conceived and developed by Local 100 staff and leadership. It was engineered and constructed by The Factory NYC, an art design-and fabrication company, under the direction of General Manager Jonathan Epstein.

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Enrollment Period to Opt-in/Opt-out & Change Medical Plans Starts Oct 15

All active members in TA/OA and MTA Bus should shortly be receiving these cards in the mail. They are reminders that Oct. 15 - Nov 15 are the dates to change your medical plan or make other changes in your coverage. Questions? Call the BSC at 646-376-0123.

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TWU Convention Approves 9/11 Resolution Sponsored by Local 100

Watch the TWU's video recognizing the dedication of transit workers at 9/11 above.

SEPTEMBER 22 -- A full house of nearly 500 Transport Workers Union of America delegates and alternates unanimously approved a Resolution sponsored by TWU Local 100 and read out to the body by Executive Board Member Mario Galvet at the just-ended union convention in Las Vegas. The Resolution commends Local 100's 9/11 Recognition Project for our efforts in setting the record straight on the prominent role played by transit workers in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. It also commends the Veterans Committee for their efforts on behalf of veterans and commits the Union to continue to advocate for sufficient funds in the WTC Victim's Compensation Fund to provide for all future claims. The full text is below:

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TWU Mourns Gleason Bus Operator Maqueda Lewis

IB ImageThe Gleason Depot, and the entire TWU Local 100 family, is mourning the death of Bus Operator Maqueda Lewis from Covid-19.

Lewis, 51, was a quiet but positive force in the depot from which she operated the B35.

“She was always very pleasant,” Gleason Vice Chair Ebony Walton said. “She was very nice, easy to get along with. Everyone you speak to here will say the same thing. She had a good spirit.”

Lewis worked out of Gleason since she was hired by NYC Transit in 2013. A mother of three children, Lewis also loved being a grandmother, Gleason Shop Steward Nicholas Stanford said. She was thrilled with the birth of the newest member of her family earlier this year, Stanford said. 

“She was very excited,” he said.

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