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On Saturday, February 24, We Assemble in Foley Square at Worth & Lafayette

IB ImageUnions are joining in a national Day of Action to assert our power in the face of an expected Supreme Court decision that takes direct aim at public sector unions like our own. Come out with your union on Saturday at 10:45 AM to hear more about the Janus case and assert the right to come together in strong unions. We meet at Worth & Lafayette in lower Manhattan. Because this means equitable pay, affordable health care, quality schools, and secure future. Download the flyer here.

President Utano Offers New Year’s Greeting to Membership

Local 100 President Tony Utano is using 1010 WINS make sure all of New York knows the sacrifices transit workers make throughout the year to provide safe, reliable transit service to the City’s 8 million daily riders. Here is the 30-second commercial running on WINS until Friday January 5, 2017.

Your Medical Opt-Out Payment Can Be Rolled Over into Your Deferred Comp

This is a reminder that eligible TWU Local 100 Members now have the ability to roll-over their Medical Opt-Out annual payment into a MTA deferred compensation program such as the 401K/457.  Click here for more information. This must be done prior to November 30, 2017 as this will be the last day to do so.

TWU Mourns TEMM Julia Roman

Local 100 members and officers from the Line Equipment/Signals division are saddened to hear of the death of Sister Julia Roman, a TEMM-Elevator and Escalator, with 15 years on the job.  She died from complications associated with the birth of her twin daughters.  Arrangements for Sister Roman are as follows:

Frech-McKnight Funeral Home, 161 Washington Ave in Dumont NJ 07628. Phone: 201-384-0013. There will be a viewing on Tuesday, Nov 21st, from 4:00pm-8:00pm

The burial will take place Wednesday,  November 22 at 10 a.m. at the George Washington Memorial Park, 234 Paramus Rd, Paramus NJ 07652

Her brother-in-law has set up a page to help Sister Roman’s widowed husband and their three daughters. Please give:

President Utano Calls for Subway Safety Summit with NYPD

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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 -- Local 100 President Tony Utano on Wednesday called for a subway safety summit with NYPD brass to discuss the homeless, inebriated riders and other problems faced by our members. Utano also urged the NYPD to position officers at all terminal stations, where crews must ensure every rider has exited the train.

    “That will ensure that an officer is nearby when a passenger refuses to get off or is incapacitated,” Utano said. “It would shorten police response times, reduce delays in train service, and better safeguard our crews from assaults.”

    Utano invited NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox to bring Transit District commanders and other top officers to a meeting that would focus on the safety and security of Train Operators, Conductors, Cleaners, State Agents and other titles. The idea is for union officers to convey the concerns and describe the problems workers are encountering with the surge in the homeless population and continued threat posed by riders who are drunk, crazy or flat-out criminal, Utano said. Both sides would be able to exchange ideas and share information towards making the subway safer for the membership, Utano said. The NYPD has not made a formal reply to the meeting request or staffing suggestion.

    The issue of homeless in the subway came into the media’s focus again last month after the NY Post published a photograph (above) of a homeless man sleeping underneath a seat on a No. 3 train while oblivious riders sat above him. It’s no laughing matter, as Crystal Young, Chair of the Conductor/Tower Division, recently told the Post. "When you wake somebody up, you don’t know what state they are going to be in,” Young said. “Sometimes people (transit workers) are attacked. Sometimes they are spit on.”

    The media also recently reported extensively about a video showing a Train Operator pulling an apparently drunken man through a train car towards the door. The Operator has been taken off active duty but not suspended. Local 100 will “vigorously” defend the Operator if he is subject to disciplinary action,” Utano vowed.

President Utano Interviewed on News 12 Brooklyn: The Reasons to Vote No

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President Tony Utano and TWU Local 100 says: Vote NO on November 7th!

Top Officers Swore in John Chiarello (in maroon shirt) and Duvet Williams of MOW
Top Officers Swore in John Chiarello (in maroon shirt) and Duvet Williams of MOW

Executive Board Authorizes Strike Action at First Mile Square; Elevates Chiarello to Vice President of MOW, and Makes Other Appointments

The Local 100 Executive Board has authorized President Tony Utano to call a strike at First Mile Square School Bus company in Yonkers, pending recommendation by the Negotiating Committee. No strike date has been set, but School Bus Division Chair and Executive Board member Gus Moghrabi said that talks with the company that employs 600 Local 100 members are showing little progress. Moghrabi told the Board at its Oct. 25, 2017 meeting that the bargaining committee is planning a press conference and membership action for November 2, 2017 to update the public on the situation.  At issue, among others, are increases to daily work guarantees that are a vital component of school bus contracts in Yonkers and elsewhere. “We’re simply asking for the same pay guarantee as in the other school bus contracts,” he said.

In other actions, the Executive Board approved the appointment of LE/S Chair John Chiarello to MOW Vice President.  Chiarello fills the vacancy created by the elevation of former Vice President Tony Utano to Local 100 President. The Board then voted to elevate LE/S Vice Chair Duvet Williams to Chair of the Division. The Board also acted to fill vacancies in the Private Operations Division and at the Liberty Lines Valhalla Depot, as follows:

• Carlos Bernabel was named Division Chair to replace the retiring Bill Mooney.

• Tom Monaco was elevated to Chair, Valhalla Depot.

• Robert Johnson was named Depot Recording Secretary, and

• Leonard Lee was appointed Depot Vice Chair.

Bus Operator William Waverly Kee, Jr. Is Mourned

TWU Local 100 mourns the passing of Bus Operator William Waverly Kee, Jr. on Oct. 14, 2017.   He died after a long battle with lung cancer at age 52.  He worked out of the East New York Depot since 2012. Arrangements are this evening, Oct. 25, 2017, as follows:

Viewing and services: 4:00pm-7:00pm at John’s Funeral Home, 509 Liberty Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207.

TWU Mourns Track Worker Vidanand Mangroo

Track Dept. is saddened to announce the passing of our Brother, Vidanand Mangroo. He had five and a half years of service with NYCT. Here are the arrangements: There will be a viewing Thursday, October 19th, and Friday, October 20th, from 5pm to 9pm at the Grace Funeral Chapel at 607 N. Conduit Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11208. A burial service will be conducted on Saturday, October 21, from 9am to 11am. The officers and members of Track mourn his loss and extend our condolences to the family.

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