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Ronnie Jimeno, Flatbush Bus Operator, Succumbs to Coronavirus

Flatbush Depot members are mourning the death to the Coronavirus of veteran Bus Operator Ronnie Jimeno.  He had 21 years on the job.He was originally from the Philippines, and lived in Mill Basin just a few blocks from the depot. He is the third Local 100 member to die of the virus from Flatbush.

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More Than $200,000 in Scholarship Aid to be Provided to TWU Members

An important message about scholarships from Shannon Poland, Assistant to the Local 100 President

Scholarship Applications are due this month!

Applications are available on the Transport Workers Union Local 100 website under the "More Services" tab in the menu bar.

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Stanley Fong and wife Cindy.
Stanley Fong and wife Cindy.

Stanley Fong, Train Operator on the R Line, Dies of the Virus

Veteran Train Operator Stanley ‘Stan’ Fong passed away in late April after a tough battle with the Coronavirus.  He was working the ‘R’ line when he died, and did his school car years ago on the M line.  He was first hired by Transit in 2001.

Many friends posted their condolences on Facebook, revealing a wonderful, good natured person. Mario Williams said the following: “I am so hurt by this... We JUST asked today if Stanley was okay.... This is horrible, man! This dude was freaking amazing. Rest in Peace Brother Stanley, Love you man.”

Another said, poignantly, “he was young, adored his two daughters and a good friend and coworker. It is extremely sad! RIP my friend. That's not the way it was supposed to be! I will miss you!” Brother Fong is survived by his wife, Cindy, and two young daughters.

Coronavirus Update: Plastic Sheeting to Isolate Bus Operators from Riders

MAY 9 — The MTA has begun installing floor-to-ceiling plastic sheeting across bus interiors to further isolate our Bus Operators from riders. So far, hundreds of buses have been outfitted with the barriers across all bus divisions. More materials have been ordered to retrofit the fleet. There are discussions taking place about installing more permanent barriers from sturdier materials.

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Outstanding Letter from a Rider Says it All

 A letter published in the Staten Island Advance by New Yorker Jean Prabhu talks about the kindness, consideration and professionalism shown by Bus Operators both during the 9/11 attack at now, during the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

She says in part, "Now, we face another crisis and transit workers show the same bravery and competence that they showed on 9/11. This time, they repeatedly risk their lives and health for us by showing up. They get our health care workers and delivery people and grocery store workers where they need to be to keep us all going."

Her letter strikes a blow for us as essential workers and explodes the idea that automation can ever come to replace us. You can download a printable copy here.

Clinton Hinds, CI at Jamiaca Barn, is Lost to Covid 19

CED members at the Jamaica Barn are mourning the loss of Car Inspector Clinton Hinds to the Coronvirus on April 29, 2020.  He had been on the job for 13 years. Shop Chair Vincenzo Milillo said that Brother Hinds “was a good man.  He always tried to help other workers.”

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Local 100 Signs Stipulation Guaranteeing No Loss of Pay for Bus Operators During COVID Schedule Changes

Local 100 President Tony Utano and the Vice Presidents of the three bus divisions have negotiated a stipulation with MaBSTOA, TA Surface and MTA Bus, that guarantees Bus Operators WILL NOT LOSE PAY due to schedule changes during the Covid 19 emergency.
The stipulation states that Bus Operators working Vacation Reliefs or the Extra list will be paid the greater of either Division Pay or the work assigned to them during the Covid emergency schedules.
The agreement also states that all other Bus Operators will get the greater of either their Winter 2020 pick pay or the pay resulting from their assignment during the COVID emergency. The stipulation is retroactive to the implementation of the pandemic schedules.
Local 100 President Utano said that the agreement "is a good win for all Bus Operators across the three divisions.  Our Operators have been performing heroically during this pandemic, and it would be a travesty if workers lost pay due to no fault of their own."

Grand Avenue Bus Operator Christopher N. Howard Is Lost to Virus

Grand Avenue Depot has lost another union brother to the Coronavirus.  Bus Operator Christopher Neil Howard, 52, died on May 3, 2020 after a battle with the deadly disease.  He had nearly 22 years on the job.  He is the second Grand Avenue Bus Operator to succumb to the virus, the first being Cesar Torres in early April. Friends from the Depot began posting their condolences on Facebook when his passing became known.  One co-worker said: “Damn, when I came on the job in 2001, he was one of the first people to show me the ropes without having to ask. My deepest condolences to his family.”

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PDM Sau Lee, 52, Dies of the Coronavirus

Power Distribution Maintainer Sau Lee, an easy going, hard-working member of Third Rail Operations, died of the Coronavirus on April 18, 2020. He had 21 years on the job, mostly at nights at Canal Street.  He was only 52 years old.

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MOW Mourns Electronic Equipment Maintainer Peter Voyt, 39

Electronic Equipment Maintainer Peter Voyt, who had six years of service with NYCT, passed away suddenly on April 15th, his sister Elena said. The cause of death has not been determined. Brother Voyt worked at the electronics shop on West 53rd Street and was a highly regarded member of the team.

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