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Bogus! Workers Comp Atty Says MTA Didn't Have to Deny Comp to Bus Operator

In a PIX 11 report, Greg Mocker interviews Workers Comp Attorney Robert Grey, who explains that contrary to what the MTA is saying, the agency had the ability to award Workers Compensation benefits to Bus Operator Tommy Lau, who came to the aid of an elderly couple on his break and was brutally attacked for intervening.

Early Voting Has Begun -- Here are Our Endorsed Candidates

IB ImageJust click on the image for a downloadable flyer for the candidates we support in New York City.

Find your polling location here.

These candidates have pledged to support TWU Local 100's priorities and strengthen our mass transit system.

Each has passed our candidate screening process and we enthusiastically endorse them as the best choice in each race.

Supporting these candidates means increasing our union power and making life better for working people.

In Westchester, we are supporting Mike Khader for Council President of Yonkers, Christopher A. Johnson for the Westchester County 16th District, Corazon Pineda-Isaac for the 2nd Council District, and Vedat Gashi for Westchester County Legislator.

Please vote for them when early voting begins on June 12 or on Election Day, June 22.

Permanent Memorial to T/O Garrett Goble Unveiled at Flatbush Ave

MAY 24 -- A mural portrait of slain Train Operator Garrett “G” Goble was unveiled at the Flatbush Ave. subway station on the No. 2 Line in Brooklyn today. Garrett’s mother, wife and and two young boys attended the MTA ceremony, along with other relatives, friends, and co-workers. An arsonist set a fire on Garrett’s train on March 20, 2020, in Harlem. The motorman evacuated his riders before being overcome by smoke.

At the ceremony, Goble's mother, Vicki, and wife, Delilah, shared memories of Garrett and thanked all for the support they have received. Growing up in Flatbush, Garrett worked as a Train Operator for six years.

Local 100 President Tony Utano, who was joined at the ceremony by RTO VP Eric Loegel, made the following remarks:

"This is a wonderful tribute to Garrett. Thousands of people will see this mural every day, ensuring that his legacy lives on. His legacy is one of bravery, heroism, selflessness, and service. Garrett made sure his riders escaped to safety. He put his riders first. He saved lives that morning. Think about that. There are people walking this Earth today because of Garrett.

"TWU Local 100 will never forget what Garrett did. We honor him today -  and we honor him every day that we fight to make the transit system safer for workers and riders. We have gained ground. We have made progress. But the struggle continues. TWU Local 100 will fight on because no one should have to worry about their safety in our stations, on our trains, and on our buses. That is our commitment. We will fight on with Garrett in mind, and in our hearts. And we will always be there for his family. Always."

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News 12 Reporter Covers our Bus Campaign
News 12 Reporter Covers our Bus Campaign

Union Fight Continues to Increase Police Presence on Buses

Concerned both for their own welfare and the protection of riders, Local 100 Bus Operators have been demanding additional police protection on buses. You can watch the latest report from News 12 here.

"Bus operators across the city gathered with union leaders in the Bronx on Thursday to demand that the mayor deploy police officers onto buses for protection. Kingsbridge Chief Shop Steward Monique Rondon says driving a bus around New York City is not an easy job.

"I work the BX13 and I was spat on and it went in my mouth, it was all over my uniform, and for no reason, because the guy wanted to stand right next to me and it's not allowed," Rondon says.

Lupe Guallpa has a similar story. She says she's gotten help from the TWU Local 100 to get through a traumatic encounter she will never forget.

She says she was clearing out the bus one night when she tried to wake up a man sleeping. She says the man "grabbed my hair and threw me to the floor and started choking me."

Union members passed out flyers to people riding the bus in hopes that the mayor will hear their call. "We're asking for police presence on the bus, and it hasn't happened yet,” says Richard Davis. “There's no one inside to take a step to help us out with the mentally ill and also violent criminals."

TWU Scores Big Win for Worker, Rider Safety As Mayor Announces 250 More Cops for Subway

Following is a statement from TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano on the announcement by City Hall that 250 more Police Officers will be deployed in the subways.

MAY 17 -- Under constant attack from Local 100, the mayor has caved and is putting 250 more police into the subway. He made the announcement this morning. That’s on top of the approximately 750 additional officers, including Auxiliary police and Academy graduates, he was badgered into surging into the system earlier this year.

Local 100 and TWU International has been hammering the mayor on the lack of safety. We held press conferences, helped members tell their stories and experiences, took out a full-page ad in the Daily News, formed a coalition of labor leaders and unions to support our mission, and took other actions.

This is undeniably a big win. The mayor has finally taken his head out of the sand. There’s more to be done but this is a significant step forward. Workers and riders have a right to work and ride in safety.”


MTA Site Has COVID Vaccine Info, Appointment Info

Make no mistake. COVID-19 is still a deadly killer, with new variants. But the vaccine protects against them. Thousands of TWU Local 100 members have taken the COVID-19 vaccine with no ill effects. On the COVID-19 Employee Resource Site members can schedule an appointment or upload your vaccination card. Updated vaccine site hours are posted here, information sheets, and FAQs. Here's the latest fact sheet on COVID-19.

Pres. Utano Addresses News Conference after Slashings at Union Square

MAY 14 -- After three riders were slashed on the 4 Train starting at Union Square, Local 100 President Tony Utano addressed the media in a joint press conference with MTA CEO Pat Foye. He called on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to resign.

Union Action Upgrades Case Against Man Who Assaulted Conductor

After TWU Local 100 put a spotlight on the unhinged rider who threatened a subway Conductor early Monday morning at the Willets Point station, the police re-interviewed our union brother ­– and upgraded the case from a mere violation to criminal menacing.

A detective from the NYPD Transit Bureau is now investigating and trying to identify the individual who terrorized Conductor Kevin Rivera. Once the man is identified, police will try to locate and arrest him.
“Thank God for the union,” Rivera said. “The union opened up everyone’s eyes to what happened, including the NYPD. I really appreciate the union.”

Police officers who responded to Willets Point in Queens wrote up the case as harassment – a violation, which is at the same level as a parking ticket. With such a case, police are unable to make an arrest or take any enforcement action. Menacing is a B misdemeanor punishable by jail time.

The NY Post was one of the many media outlets that reported on the incident once Local 100 brought it to their attention.

At News Conference on Subway Crime, RTO VP Loegel Announces Increased Charges for Assaulter

MAY 12 -- At a news conference called by the Union, RTO VP Eric Loegel gave the union's rebuttal to the Mayor's statement that subway crime is under control. He called upon the Mayor to bring more police and mental health services to the system. In addition, he announced that charges against an individual who threatened and chased a Conductor with a razor have been upgraded.

TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano blasts Mayor for saying subway riders with safety concerns should be laughed at

May 7 -- TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano today issued this statement in reaction to Mayor de Blasio's refusal to recognize the severity of crime in the subway system:
"Mayor de Blasio’s shameless political hackery has reached new depths.

"The mayor said that “a real New Yorker” would not be afraid of riding the subway. He said any subway rider with safety concerns should be “laughed out of the room.”

"Clearly and unfortunately, the mayor has future political ambitions, and he wants to foster this fiction that everything is wonderful in the transit system. The fact that he made these comments hours after a transit worker was nearly killed, and during a steady drumbeat of erratic, alarming and dangerous conduct in the subway, much of it by people with serious mental health issues, is stunning and outrageous. Transit riders, workers and all voters will remember this betrayal."
Here are the Mayor’s comments as reported in the Daily News:


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