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Samuelsen Testifies at DOT Hearing: TWU Setting Benchmarks in Preventing Transit Worker Assaults

JULY 11 -- TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen brought the union's wealth of experience in combating transit assaults to Washington when he participated in the U.S. Department of Transportation's transit assault prevention summit at DOT headquarters today. Samuelsen -- also representing the TWU of America as International Executive Vice President -- told DOT officials including Deputy Administrator Therese McMillan about the dangers transit  workers face day in and day out as they fulfill their mission of transporting millions who depend on a safe ride on public transit buses and trains. "For many transit workers in America, going to work every day means putting themselves in harm's way," he said. "Transit workers who deal regularly with the public often have no guarantee of their physical safety on the job. They are the face of the system. If a rider is frustrated because their bus is late, they take it out on the driver."

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Enjoy Free Baseball as the Cyclones Take on Connecticut

Enjoy free baseball! On Monday, August 4, it will be TWU night at MCU Park as our own Brooklyn Cyclones take on the Connecticut Tigers. Enjoy a evening out with friends and family, right here in Brooklyn. Call the Union Hall at 212-873-6000 ext 2026 or 2157 to get your free tickets. Download the flyer here.

At TWU Breakfast, State Comptroller DiNapoli Renews Commitment to Working People

At an educational breakfast hosted by TWU Local 100 at our union hall in downtown Brooklyn, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli re-emphasized his commitment to keeping State pension money in defined benefit plans and said his office is exploring new ways to increase retirement security for all New Yorkers. The event, coordinated by TWU Political Action Director Marvin Holland and his team, brought together Brooklyn clergy and small business owners to hear DiNapoli and other leaders including TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen, Treasurer Earl Phillips, and NYC Central Labor Council head Vinnie Alvarez. In remarks to the audience, DiNapoli said that New York State's retirement system, of which he is the sole trustee, had a 13% rate of return on investments last year. "When people say that public pensions are unsustainable, it's just not true," he said. He received big applause for fighting to keep the retirement system's pension funds paying out defined benefits to pensioners, rather than converting them to 401 (k) type plans in 2012. He noted that defined benefit plans help retirees cope with market downturns, whereas 401 (k)'s can get wiped out by market fluctuations.

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Pride on Display as TWU Parades for LGBT Members

TWU Local 100 Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp-Sauray and Admin. VP Angel Giboyeaux boarded TWU's float to celebrate and support LGBT members of the union during the annual pride parade down Fifth Avenue from 39th Street to Greenwich Village. The union provided food and refreshments to rank and file and union officers, as well as extending hospitality to marchers from other unions including the Carpenters, who assembled with transit workers as the parade began. TWU Local 100 is proud to support diversity in our workforce and stand against discrimination of any sort in employment.

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