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Union Makes Strides at Orchard Beach

Breast Cancer Walk 2021

TWU Local 100 officers and members walked the talk on October 17th as they marched against breast cancer. The disease -- which has claimed many transit workers and family members -- is a major killer. One in 8 US women will develop it at some time in their lives, and one in 39 will succumb to the disease. The action today, part of the American Cancer Society's drive to raise funds and raise awareness, was coordinated by Working Women's Committee Chair Deborah Brown, and assisted by the Office of Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp. Also playing a key role was Bus Operator Tonya Thompson, who sits on the Executive Committee of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of the Bronx. VP's John V. Chiarello (MOW and Pete Rosconi (Private Bus Lines) also turned out to support the effort.

MTA COVID Update -- October 18

The MTA has rolled out its new Covid-19 testing program. 

If you are unvaccinated - and testing is taking place at your work location - you are required to get tested every week. 
Supervisors are not going to direct you to get tested. If a testing station is at your work location, it’s up to you to participate.
It’s free and easy. Protect yourself, your co-workers, and your families from the deadly virus.
It can take days before Covid-19 symptoms emerge. 
Testing is the only way to detect the virus early so you can get treatment right away and can quarantine to prevent spreading it to others.
For more information, including the times and locations of testing sites, go to MTA Covid-19 Resource Center:

Chinese-American Day Set for Friday, October 29th

This event is over-subscribed -- all seats are filled! Every attendee must present proof of vaccination, per NYC Mayoral Executive Order

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Car Equipment, Stations Mourn Terminal CTA Valdemore Richardson, 49

The Union is mourning the passing of Valdemore Richardson, age 49, a Terminal Cleaner who worked at the Stillwell Terminal on the A.M. tour in Coney Island.  Brother Richardson was in the process of purchasing a home in Mountainville, NY, when he unexpectedly passed away on Monday, October 4th.

Stations VP Robert Kelley who has been assisting the Richardson family during this difficult time, described Brother Richardson as a world-class husband and loving father.  CED VP Shirley Martin also described Brother Richardson as a well-liked individual who will truly be missed by his co-workers.  

Brother Richardson leaves behind his wife, Shatisha Richardson; daughter Summer Rayne, 6 years old; and two children he lovingly called his “bonus children” Kayla Jade, 18 years old and Chase Anthony, 13 years old.  Shatisha stated her husband loved his job and his MTA family.

Brother Richardson was an honorable family man who loved and cherished his family and wanted nothing more but the best for them.  His in-laws told Local 100 that Valdemore’s family was his life and everything else came second as far as what was important to him. Valdemore’s wife, Shatisha, during this difficult time, was able to jokingly share with us that not only did she love her husband, she actually liked him a lot!

October 2 -- Latest Vaccination and Testing Update

OCTOBER 2 -- The MTA is launching another Covid-19 testing program on Monday, October 4. Testing will take place at certain work sites on company time.
You will not be required to test on your own time or outside of work.
If you are vaccinated, you do not have to take a test. You must, however, report your vaccination status to the employer. Directions on how to report your vaccination status can be found at the MTA Covid-19 Employee Resource Center webpage:
The work locations and schedule for at-work testing also can be found at the MTA Covid-19 Employee Resource Center. Information also can be obtained via the MTA Covid-19 Hotline: 646-252-1010


Remarks of Eric Adams at the Unveiling of Local 100's Memorial to our Transit Workers who Died from COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 30 -- Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who is also the Democratic candidate for Mayor, addressed the families of transit workers who died from COVID-19 before vaccines became widely available. He was introduced by Local 100 President Tony Utano.

Remarks of Letitia James, Attorney General of the State of New York, at Local 100's Unveiling of a Memorial for our COVID Dead

SEPTEMBER 30 -- Letitia "Tish" James, a good friend of the Union, attended our unveiling ceremony for a permanent memorial to transit workers who died of COVID-19. She was introduced by TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano.

President Utano's Remarks at the Unveiling of Union's Memorial to Members Who Died of COVID-19

SEPTEMBER 30 -- TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano's remarks to the families of members who lost transit worker breadwinners during the COVID-19 epidemic, before vaccines were widely available.

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