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New GVS Benefits Coming September 1, 2020

IB ImageNew GVS Benefits are Coming on September 1 for TA/OA & MTA Bus Members. Just click on the image for the downloadable flyer. This package of new benefits is made possible as a result of the 2019 contract with the MTA.

In Person Union Meetings to Resume in September


Division and Section Meetings To Resume in September 2020

Meeting notices with dates and times will be coming out soon. 

HS Apprentices Complete 3 Year Training

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A group of high schoolers who entered the TA's apprenticeship program in 2017, have now graduated to Transit Electric Helper Titles.  Those in the group shot (holding certificates) are assigned to Car Equipment. Lisette Moscoso (in featured photo), will go to Elevator and Escalator. Local 100 Vice Presidents Shirley Martin and John Chiarello, and CED Division Chair Matt Ahern are pictured with graduates.

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Union Inspects UV Light Designed to Kill Virus on Trains

Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020 -- TWU Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips and CED Vice President Shirley Martin this morning inspected subway cars with air-purification technology designed to kill COVID-19.

The technology, which features ultra-violet lights installed in the air-circulation system, creates a low dose of airborne hydrogen peroxide in the air, giving the subway car a disinfected smell reminiscent of a hospital room or doctor’s office.

The question is whether the low dose of airborne hydrogen peroxide is strong enough to kill COVID-19. An outside laboratory has taken air samples and running tests, management officials said. “We are trying to do some new and positive things,” Secretary-Treasurer Phillips said. “The virus does not discriminate. We have to work together on this.”

NYC Transit’s vice president of CMO, John Santamaria, gave Phillips, Martin and Local 100 Safety Officer Dennis Jones a tour of the technology at the Corona Barn in Queens. The NYCT Office of System Safety and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are also participating in the tests.

About 75% of the air in a subway car at any given time is recycling through the interior network of vents, ducts and filters, management officials said. About 25% has just been drawn into that network from outside the train car. Each subway car in the test has two sets of ultra-violet lights in the ceiling air-circulation ducts. The lights produce an undetectable dose of hydrogen peroxide in the air at a level that is far below the safety threshold established by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, management officials said.

All of the air in a subway car is replaced with air from outside 18 times an hour, or once every three minutes, Santamaria said. All the air in a car will go through filters inside the duct every 60 seconds, he said. The air-circulation system includes vents pumping air from ceiling vents in cabs used by Train Operator and Conductors, he said. NYC Transit also is testing higher-grade filters as a possible means to reduce the transmission of the virus by riders.  The New York Times recently published an explanation of the air circulation inside subway cars and you can read it here.

Apprentices Graduate from 3-Year Program; Join MOW

JULY 29 -- 17 Transit Workers, formerly Traffic Checkers and Cleaners, have completed three years training as Carpenters, Masons, and Plumbers. They were congratulated in a ceremony at the Union Hall by TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano and Training and Upgrading Fund Director Charles Jenkins.

Samuelsen, Schumer Discuss Transit Funding on Zoom Teleconference

AUGUST 6 -- TWU International President John Samuelsen joined Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other political and labor leaders to discuss this critical moment in mass transit. In order for us to allow our mass transit systems to recover from the brutal economic impact of low ridership due to COVID-19, we have to ensure that Congress passes the latest relief bill. That bill provides $32 billion for mass transit funding across the nation, as well as funding for hazard pay. The take-away is for transit workers to call their Senators to urge them to pass the bill. For those of us with family or friends in Red States, this is especiallly crucial, as those Senators may be voting against. This is an all-hands-on-deck effort to save our mass transit systems.

Coming Soon: New Crew Quarters for 2/5 Line Workers

AUGUST 6 -- Local 100 officers did a walkthrough today with management to inspect new crew quarters for train crews on the 2/5 lines at the corner of Nostrand Avenue.  This much needed new facility features air conditioning, heat, TV, refrigerator, microwave, restroom and other amenities for a comfortable break area.  The space will replace the current crew quarters at Flatbush Avenue, which is among the smallest in the system. 

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Union Asks FL Retirees to Get Involved in Transit Funding, Hazard Pay Fight

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AUGUST 3 -- The union is looking to harness the power of our Florida retirees to show Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott the wisdom of voting in favor of government support for mass transit and for hazard pay for frontline workers, including our members.
Our 3,000 TWU Local 100 retirees in the Sunshine State are a powerful political force -- because they are solid citizens and they vote. New York's two Senators -- Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand -- are already on board, but what we need are a few "red state" Senators to join them. 
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Union Honors Ulmer Park Depot Chair Nat Jenkins

Members and officers, including President Tony Utano, gathered Friday at Ulmer Park Depot in Brooklyn to wish Depot Chair Nat Jenkins good luck in his forthcoming retirement. Among those joining the event, from the left, are: Division Chair Armando Serrano, Sal Ferrera, former Ulmer Park Chair James “Momo” Manzella, Nat Jenkins, President Utano, Vice Chair Rhonda Hopkins, Drew Ramirez and Elston Morris.

Utano, Schumer Discuss Hazard Pay, Aid to MTA

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JUNE 29 -- TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer discussed efforts to secure federal funding for mass transit and hazard pay during a meeting Wednesday afternoon. Schumer (D-NY) and Utano spoke for about 25-minutes via Zoom: Utano from the Union Hall on Montague St., and Schumer from his office in Washington, D.C.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in May passed a second proposed coronavirus relief package. It includes a $3.9 billion bailout for the MTA – and money to provide individual bonuses up to $10,000 each for essential workers for their work during the pandemic.

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