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CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Gives On-air Shout-Out to Transit Workers on March 24

Guts, Moxie, and Grit: A TWU Local 100 Bus Operator and Shop Steward on What It Takes to Combat the Microbial Enemy

A TWU Local 100 Bus Operator talks about guts, moxie, and grit during the pandemic.

Stations VP Lynwood Whichard and Division Chair Robert Kelley
Stations VP Lynwood Whichard and Division Chair Robert Kelley

Coronavirus Update: Station Agents Will Handle Much Less Cash

TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano, Stations Division Vice President Lynwood Whichard and Division Chair Robert Kelley thanked the MTA for responding to the union’s call to drastically reduce cash transactions in the subway.  Station Agents had expressed concern that such transactions were a possible Coronavirus health risk.  The union immediately brought these concerns to the MTA, which concurred.

Local 100 President Tony Utano said that the quick action by Whichard and Kelley on behalf of their members will protect them during this crisis. Under the new protocols, Station Agents will direct riders to MetroCard vending machines to buy and replenish MetroCards. The exception will be half-fares for seniors and people with disabilities as those transactions must take place in the booth.

Union Gains Rear Door Boarding for Westchester Buses

MARCH 23 -- At the urging of TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano, Westchester County has adopted rear door boarding for Liberty Lines, and other Westchester County line service buses. Utano joined a press conference with County Executive George Latimer and State Sen. Shelley Mayer in White Plains today to announce the change in protocol. Utano thanked Sen. Mayer and Latimer for their quick response. He said the union wants its members and the public to ride in as safe an environment as possible. Rear door boarding began in New York City Transit today, also at the union's urging.

Coronavirus Update: Message from President Utano

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Child Care Options for MTA Employees Outside of NYC

The MTA has issued a bulletin that outlines child care services that are available to employees who reside in the surrounding counties outside of New York City. You can read the three-page bulletin here.

Union, MTA Agree to Relaxation of Rules for Sick, Discipline

IB ImageMARCH 21 -- President Utano and management have agreed to a relaxation of rules for Sick and Disciplinary procedures. The agreement is an update to policies and procedures during the coronavirus outbreak. You can read and download the memo here.

Local 100 President Utano and officers meet with School/Paratransit company owners in Yonkers
Local 100 President Utano and officers meet with School/Paratransit company owners in Yonkers

Union and Private-Sector Bus Companies in Westchester Meet About Economic Crisis

Companies Warn of Layoffs if Funding Is Not Restored

TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano and other union leaders met Thursday with the school bus and paratransit operators in Westchester to discuss pay issues, possible layoffs and other problems resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Representatives from Royal Coach, SuperTrans, First Mile Square, Vallo/Mutual and White Plains Bus all participated in the meeting that also included Local 100 School Bus/Paratransit Division Chair Gus Moghrabi and Senior Director of Organizing Frank McCann.

Royal Coach and First Mile all said the school districts they serve have indicated they will not pay the companies for scheduled school days that have been cancelled – meaning the companies will not be able to pay the workers if funding is not restored. 

White Plains, however, has reportedly said it will continue to forward payments to White Plains bus for suspended school operations. Access-A-Ride trips in Westchester County are down 90%, according to the company, which said layoffs are possible.

“This is an extremely serious situation that government needs to address,” Utano said. “We are reaching out to our elected officials, including members of the state Legislature and County Executive George Latimer.

Moghrabi said in this instance Local 100 and the companies are on the same side.

“We are working together, side by side, on this issue,” Moghrabi said. “We have the same goal, making sure our members have an income to take care of themselves and their families.”

The union and company representatives said they would explore the possibility of securing business transporting medical personnel to facilities or delivering meals to students at their homes.

Coronavirus Update: Rear-door Boarding Only for Local and Select Bus Service Starting Monday

MARCH 20 -- Throughout this emergency, TWU Local 100 and the Amalgamated Transit Union have had ongoing discussions with the MTA about protecting transit workers from the coronavirus while maintaining the bus and subway service New Yorkers need. We haven’t always agreed on strategies, but we all realize this is an unprecedented challenge. It requires cooperation and unprecedented actions.

One of our major concerns has been Bus Operators’ proximity to passengers entering through the front door and paying their fares close to Bus Operators sitting at the wheel.

I’m pleased to announce the MTA and TWU have reached an agreement on rear-door boarding, which will help eliminate contact between riders and Bus Operators.

Starting Monday, riders on all local and Select Bus Service routes will board through the back door. The front door will remain closed. The only exception will be ADA customers requiring wheelchair lifts

Express bus riders will board as normal. They will not, however, be allowed to sit in the first two rows to ensure customers are a safe social distance from Bus Operators.

We know we are essential workers providing an essential service during this national emergency – but we also need to be protected to the greatest extent possible. This is the right move. It will better protect our Bus Operators, give them peace of mind, and demonstrate that their concerns have been heard.

Listen to President Utano's interview on WCBS88 here.

Coronavirus Update: President Utano on NY1

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