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The MTA's new poster
The MTA's new poster

Transit Watch Program Begins PR Roll-Out

The MTA has started distributing posters telling the riding public that they now have an incentive to report assaults on transit workers -- rewards up to $2,000. The program was put in place after Local 100 brought attention to a spate of assaults primarily against Bus Operators. Local 100 also partnered with the MTA to hold a conference on transit assaults with four sitting District Attorneys in attendance. Shortly afterwards, Governor Cuomo ordered the MTA to set up its Transit Watch rewards program.

Local 100 members join with Neighborhood Ministries of Campbell, OH, who brought Sandy relief supplies
Local 100 members join with Neighborhood Ministries of Campbell, OH, who brought Sandy relief supplies

Supplies Coming to Local 100 to Help Sandy Victims

A truckload of supplies from Ohio arrived at the TWU Local 100 offices in mid-Manhattan on Friday, November 16th, courtesy of Neighborhood Ministries of Campbell, OH. Dozens of heavy winter coats, other durable goods, and food items were off-loaded and brought up to the Union's offices at 1700 Broadway, where they will be brought out to the Rockaways in union vans to be distributed to transit workers and others who lost so much during the hurricane. The goods came as the result of a contact made at the Obama campaign in Ohio by Local 100 Power Cable Section Vice President Celeste Kirkland, who is also one of the two Union officials coordinating our Sandy relief efforts. Celeste was part of the union's outreach in Ohio to re-elect President Obama, which also included dozens of union members making phone calls to Ohio on behalf of the candidate. Her contacts in the Obama campaign led to a connection with Neighborhood Ministries, which was looking to extend their charitable work into New York. Now, it was Ohio's turn to help New Yorkers in their time of need.

"Back on Track" -- Post Praises Transit Workers in Sandy Aftermath


On November 11, the New York Post editorialized in support of both transit workers and management. We considered it worth reprinting here.

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Union Steps Up to Help Rockaways Recover

NOVEMBER 10 – TWU Local 100 members packed a city bus and two Union vans to pitch in and bring relief to thousands of suffering New Yorkers trying to survive in the Rockaways post Sandy. We joined an army of relief trucks and volunteer workers who responded to the big staging area at Beach 47th Street and fanned out to give donated supplies to residents, climb stairs in NYCHA housing projects to find the elderly and handicapped, and show our union colors as we went. President Samuelsen and Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips handed out boxes from a Red Cross van at a community center. Our political action team raised the profile of the Transit Forward Coalition as a community service organization. We raised hopes for many who needed extra help from caring friends.


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MTA Reneges on Agreement to Pay for 10/29 and 10/30

A message to all members at TA, OA and MTA Bus from President John Samuelsen 



Over the last several days, I have had repeated conversations with senior management at the MTA, including NYC Transit President Tom Prendergast and MTA Bus President Darryl Irick, which resulted in an agreement that those who were unable to get into work on 10/29 and 10/30 would be paid.  


Today the MTA reneged on the agreement they made with TWU Local 100. They have thoroughly demonstrated that their word means nothing, and that they do not know the meaning of good faith.


In some departments, we were outright told to stay home with pay for Monday and Tuesday.  We were not given the option of coming into work. In every department, we were prevented from getting into work because of the decision of the Governor to shut the system down. The decision was not ours and we should not have to bear the cost.


By this decision, management shows what they truly think of the round the clock effort we have made to get the bus and subway system back running after Hurricane Sandy.  They show how little respect they have for their workforce. During the hurricane, and then during the mammoth effort to restore service, the MTA praised local 100 for the incredibly difficult work we performed. But actions speak louder than words, and we must never forget this assault on our paychecks. Every worker at the TA, OA and MTA Bus should remember this when asked to make an extra effort "for the good of the service". Unfortunately, the MTA does not deserve our "extra effort".  


TWU 100 will continue to fight for full pay during the storm for everyone who was told to stay home or who was unable to get in because the system was shut down. We will continue to fight to be treated fairly and with respect.

Election Alert: NY State AFL-CIO: Your LOCAL Vote Will Count in Disaster Districts

TWU Local 100 is advising our members who live in counties affected by Hurricane Sandy (and that means most of us) to vote for local officials by writing in their names on affidavit ballots, if they are not able to vote in their regular polling locations. Alex Voetsch, Executive Director of the New York Democratic Lawyers Council, notes that "ANY resident of the counties described in the Governor's Executive Order (New York City, Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland) can vote by affidavit ballot in a poll site that is not their own.  The damage to their own homes or specific neighborhoods is not a factor in their eligibility to use this procedure. They just need to live in one of those counties."

We believe that a voter using this procedure should vote for the President, Statewide office, and ALSO write in any of their local races that are not on their affidavit ballot.  No poll worker or offical has the legal right to stop someone from writing in a candidate, and we believe that these votes will be counted back in the district where the voter lives.

-- Marvin Holland, Political Director, TWU Local 100

President Samuelsen Talks With a Bus Operator at the Barclays Center
President Samuelsen Talks With a Bus Operator at the Barclays Center

Pay Discrepancies: Update on Pay for Height of Hurricane

We have been informed by senior management at the TA, OA and MTA Bus that, due to the disruption caused by the hurricane, paychecks issued this week may have discrepancies.  The Union maintains its position that people who were told to stay home or were unable to get into work on Monday and Tuesday last week will be paid for those days.  However, the pay might not be in this week’s check.  If it is not, adjustments will be made to the checks issued on 11/21.

Also, not all of the overtime worked last week was entered into the computers by the close of the pay period.  Those hours will also be paid through adjustments in the next pay period. Please keep a record of all the hours you worked.  TWU members worked long hours restoring service and we intend to make sure everyone is properly paid. If you are not paid properly this week or in the check issued on 11/21, contact your Union division officers.

Were You Hurt by the Hurricane?

TWU Local 100 has set up an online survey to document  any damage/injury suffered by members in Hurricane Sandy. All union members who were affected by the storm are encouraged to fill out the form to let TWU Local 100 know how we can help.

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Samuelsen with Lhota and Dan Casella
Samuelsen with Lhota and Dan Casella

At Barclays Center, President Samuelsen Meets with Bus Ops, Management

NOVEMBER 2 -- Barclays Center is the staging area for tens of thousands of commuters who are depending on our bus service to ride into Manhattan with subways down below 34th Street. This morning, TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen met with Bus Operators from all Divisions, including MTA Bus, TA Surface Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. Also on hand was ATU Local 726 President Danny Casella. Operators have been dealing with unprecedented crowding and traffic tie-ups. Local 100 pressed for adequate relief facilities and lunch breaks. We insisted on adequate barriers for crowd control and cones for dedicated bus lanes. As a result, service was significantly improved on Friday.  Kudos to our Bus Operators who are turning a chaotic situation into a manageable commute.

In Labor/Management Cooperation, Transit Employees Can Purchase Gas at Select Bus Depots

Local 100 and NYCT have agreed that, because of the acute fuel shortage in the New York metropolitan region, and the pressing need for transit workers to get to work, that select bus depots will dispense up to five gallons of gasoline to credentialed transit employees. Local 100 is trying to get the limit raised to ten gallons. The depots include Kingsbridge, Casey Stengel, LaGuardia, Baisley Park, JFK, Eastchester, Fresh Pond, East New York, and Castleton. Read the memo from NYCT Executive Vice President Thomas Del Sorbo here.

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