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Transit Museum Discount for MTA Employees extended to December 16

At our request, the New York Transit Museum has extended its 25% discount offer on all purchases for MTA employees to December 16th. It's an opportunity to pick up transit-themed gifts for the holiday season! You can pick up toy trains, mugs, apparel, an other products at two store locations: the main museum store at the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street in downtown Brooklyn, and the Grand Central Terminal museum annex, at 42nd Street and Park Avenue. Just show your pass to identify yourself and ask for the discount.

Top Four: Samuelsen, Giboyeaux, Crisp-Sauray, and Phillips
Top Four: Samuelsen, Giboyeaux, Crisp-Sauray, and Phillips

Samuelsen Wins Re-Election as President of TWU Local 100; Rest of Top Officers Also Elected on “Stand United” Slate.

Transit workers have re-elected Local 100 President John Samuelsen to a second three-year term in overwhelming fashion.  The vast majority of Samuelsen’s STAND UNITED Slate, including Secretary Treasurer Earl Phillips, Administrative Vice President Angel Giboyeaux and Recording Secretary Latonya Crisp-Sauray, a newcomer to the ticket, were elected as well.  

STAND UNITED candidates were victorious in 6 of the 7 races for Vice President including Tony Utano (Maintenance of Way); Brian Clarke (MABSTOA); Kevin Harrington (RTO); Maurice Jenkins (Stations); John Day (MTA Bus/PBL), and J.P. Patafio (TA Surface).  Nelson Rivera from the Transport Workers United slate won in the Car Equipment Division.

Ballots were opened at the American Arbitration Association, and winners were announced at about 4:30 PM on Friday, December 7th. Transit Workers resoundingly re-elected John Samuelsen as President, by a tally of 7152 to 4975 for his opponent, Joe Campbell, and 351 for independent candidate Michael Cordero. Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips was re-elected by a vote of 6854 to 5002 for his closest opponent, Liz Rodriguez, as was Administrative Vice President Angel Giboyeaux, who polled 6898 votes against 4809 for Eddie McLeod. A new addition to Mr. Samuelsen’s team, Tonya Crisp-Sauray, was elected with 6796 votes against her rival, Michael Staton, who received 4873 votes.

 In a victory speech near the Union Hall in midtown Manhattan, Samuelsen thanked transit workers for their “tremendous show of support.” He added that the win is a “validation” that the members “wholeheartedly support our determination to resist the concessions agreed to by state unions, and to continue to negotiate beyond the expiration of our current agreement without the drama of unnecessary deadlines that could lead to another strike.”

Samuelsen added: "I believe this decisive vote sends a powerful message to the MTA and Governor Cuomo that transit workers stand behind me and my team to win a fair contract, and that should good faith negotiations fail to produce the desired results, the membership stands strong behind their union no matter what direction we may be forced to take."

Read the full set of election results here.

Retirees Exec Board Comes Through for Sandy Relief
Retirees Exec Board Comes Through for Sandy Relief

Retirees Pitch In $5K to Sandy Relief

The TWU Local 100 Retirees Association Exec Board voted November 14 to contribute $5,000 to the Union's relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy, said Retirees Association Director Mike Tutrone. TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen set up the relief effort, which is focused on delivering goods, including foods and clothing, to those hit hardest by the hurricane. TWU Local 100 members and allies have distributed supplies regularly since the Hurricane, and will bring truckloads of supplies out to Coney Island this coming Saturday, December 8th. Because the relief operation does not accept cash, the Retirees Association is partnering with Local 100 to use the cash allocated to select the items that are most needed, purchase them, and hand them over to the relief workers.

The Call Goes Out: Share Your Sandy Stories, Photos

The Workforce Development Institute, an arm of the labor movement in New York State, has put out a call for union members to share their stories of working during and before Hurricane Sandy, and about the hardships encountered both on and off the job. Read WDI's letter to union members here. Local 100 encourages members to share their experiences with the Workforce Development Institute, which will create a lasting record of the work done by union members during the worst disaster to hit New York City's transit system.

Sandy Relief: Bring Supplies This Saturday to Coney Island

On Saturday, December 8th, TWU/Transit Forward will be in need of volunteers and relief supplies from 11am-2pm in Coney Island at Urban Neighborhood Services, 1718 Mermaid Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224.


EQUIPMENT: Flashlights, Batteries, Battery powered radios, Battery powered clock radios, New Blankets.

COLD WEATHER CLOTHING: (Sorry but we cannot accept used clothing.) New Sweatshirts/Hoodies, New Fleece Jackets, New Coats - men, women + children, New Gloves, New Scarves, New socks, New bad weather boots - men, women and children

FOR THE KIDS: Books, Notebooks, School supplies, Bookbags/Backpacks, Games, Toys

SUPPLIES: Paper Towels, Plastic garbage bags, Bathroom tissue, Personal hygiene-hand sanitizer, soap, toohpaste + toothbrushes, deodorant, moisturizing lotion, feminine products, Household cleaning products, Rubber cleaning gloves, Baby diapers and baby wipes

FOOD: Anything non-perishable, Breakfast Bars, Protein bars, Crackers, Chips, Cookies, Canned spaghetti, Canned tuna, Canned meats, Canned vegetables, Juice boxes

EXTRA NICE: Pre-pack individual food and toiletry bags and we will deliver door to door to the people who cannot get to the site.

TWU's Joseph Sammarco addressed the MTA Board
TWU's Joseph Sammarco addressed the MTA Board

Union to MTA Board: New Contractor Should Retain First Transit Employees

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 -- TWU Local 100 Rep Joseph Sammarco told the MTA's Board of Directors that the Authority should retain the experienced professionals who staff the Access-A-Ride call center now that a new company has been selected to manage the business. On the recommendation of its Selection Committee, The MTA Board voted to award the operation of the Paratransit Call Center to a new firm, Global Contact Services, ending its relationship with First Transit. First Transit is a large multi-national company that manages call centers and transit networks around the United States. Global Contact specializes in call centers. TWU Local 100 represents 685 call takers and dispatchers at the Paratransit Call Center, and the MTA has spent millions training and supporting these professionals. With the contract term ending on March 31, TWU Local 100 is moving to maintain continuity of employment for our members at First Transit as the new company takes over operations. Global Contact Services tendered a bid of $152.9 million over five years to run paratransit for the MTA, besting First Transit's offer of $155 million.


The Union van will distribute supplies
The Union van will distribute supplies

On Saturday, We'll Help Storm Victims at Coney Island

TWU Local 100 officers and members including President John Samuelsen and the members of the PAC team will be at 1718 Mermaid Avenue in Brooklyn to distribute food and goods as part of the Union's Sandy relief effort. There are almost a thousand TWU Local 100 members in the Coney Island area, and many of them have suffered devastating losses in the October 29 storm and its aftermath. Join your union Brothers and Sisters tomorrow, Saturday, November 24, from 11 AM to 3 PM at 1718 Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island.

The MTA's new poster
The MTA's new poster

Transit Watch Program Begins PR Roll-Out

The MTA has started distributing posters telling the riding public that they now have an incentive to report assaults on transit workers -- rewards up to $2,000. The program was put in place after Local 100 brought attention to a spate of assaults primarily against Bus Operators. Local 100 also partnered with the MTA to hold a conference on transit assaults with four sitting District Attorneys in attendance. Shortly afterwards, Governor Cuomo ordered the MTA to set up its Transit Watch rewards program.

Local 100 members join with Neighborhood Ministries of Campbell, OH, who brought Sandy relief supplies
Local 100 members join with Neighborhood Ministries of Campbell, OH, who brought Sandy relief supplies

Supplies Coming to Local 100 to Help Sandy Victims

A truckload of supplies from Ohio arrived at the TWU Local 100 offices in mid-Manhattan on Friday, November 16th, courtesy of Neighborhood Ministries of Campbell, OH. Dozens of heavy winter coats, other durable goods, and food items were off-loaded and brought up to the Union's offices at 1700 Broadway, where they will be brought out to the Rockaways in union vans to be distributed to transit workers and others who lost so much during the hurricane. The goods came as the result of a contact made at the Obama campaign in Ohio by Local 100 Power Cable Section Vice President Celeste Kirkland, who is also one of the two Union officials coordinating our Sandy relief efforts. Celeste was part of the union's outreach in Ohio to re-elect President Obama, which also included dozens of union members making phone calls to Ohio on behalf of the candidate. Her contacts in the Obama campaign led to a connection with Neighborhood Ministries, which was looking to extend their charitable work into New York. Now, it was Ohio's turn to help New Yorkers in their time of need.

"Back on Track" -- Post Praises Transit Workers in Sandy Aftermath


On November 11, the New York Post editorialized in support of both transit workers and management. We considered it worth reprinting here.

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