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Season’s Greetings from TWU Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips and Administrative Vice President Angel Giboyeaux

Along with President John Samuelsen, we would like to wish our TWU Local 100 brothers and sisters, and their families, a warm holiday season filled with health, success and justice. In 2012, TWU Local 100 continued to work hard, fight for better contracts and encourage members to be civically active. We are confident 2013 has great things in store for us. We are looking forward to a bright year in 2013 and appreciate your continued support as we grow and prosper together.

In solidarity,

Earl Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer, Transport Workers Union Local 100

Angel Giboyeaux, Administrative Vice President, Transport Workers Union Local 100

Come out for Sunday's March Against Gun Violence

We have all been deeply saddened at the tragic loss of life at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Many of us believe it is now time to take a stronger stand against gun violence and the easy availability of assault weapons. Join your TWU Local 100 brothers and sisters to march across the Brooklyn Bridge as we call for gun control reform NOW. We gather at 4:30 at both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge, and march to the center of the span. Once there, we will hold candles aloft in protest against the increasing mass killings which are inflicting so much pain on the innocent.  Download the flyer here.

Holiday Cheer for Sandy Kids -- TWU Style

TWU Local 100 disaster relief coordinators Celeste Kirkland (at left) and Oneisha Portlette-Shade get a gift from OA-2 Recording Secretary, Kingsbridge Depot, Jesse Mendoza. Jesse was one of many TWU Local 100 members who donated toys for the children of members who suffered devastating losses in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. They will be distributed before Christmas by union teams in Coney Island and the Rockaways.

Highlights of the 2012 Mass Membership Meeting

At our Mass Membership Meeting, President John Samuelsen reviews 2012 for the TWU Local 100 rank and file, and talks about our conttract and goals for the year ahead.

TWU Local 100, longest running show on Broadway, now moving to Brooklyn

TWU Local 100 was the longest running show on Broadway, starting out in the 1930's and occupying several properties -- until now. The Union Hall is set to move to 195 Montague Street this coming spring. View the video, to view the story of our historic halls.

TWU Local 100 Members Respond to Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy bore down on the City of New York, transit workers readied themselves for what was to come. Here is the story of how we prepared -- and how we are helping those who lost everything.

Powerful Speeches, Resolve to Battle Management Mark Mass Meeting

TWU Local 100’s December Mass Membership Meeting brought 700 members to AM and PM sessions at Brooklyn’s City Tech auditorium on Jay Street. President Samuelsen addressed each session with a detailed presentation of his administration’s accomplishments to date and a plan to continually challenge management as we negotiate a contract going forward. Recapping the themes of his successful campaign for re-election, he stressed that Local 100 must continue the rebuilding process in order to build more worker power for contract negotiations.  He also took extensive questions at the end of each presentation. We will post highlights from his speech later on the Local 100 website.

Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips gave a financial report that showed that the Samuelsen administration has collected over a million dollars in back dues over the past three years, but that over $7 million remains outstanding. These were monies that members were obligated to pay during the 18 months that Local 100 had no dues checkoff privileges after the 2005 transit strike. Members in bad standing cannot vote in Union elections or attend union meetings.

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Anti-Union Wave Sweeps Over Michigan

On Tuesday Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed into law two anti-union bills that were pushed through the state legislature by Republicans. They are so-called “right to work” laws, which President Obama and union leaders call “right to work for less” laws. They forbid contracts between companies and unions that require all workers to pay the union for bargaining on their behalf. They weaken unions, forcing them to spend scarce resources on collecting dues which now become voluntary. Click here for coverage of this major attack on the labor movement from Democracy Now.

Transit Museum Discount for MTA Employees extended to December 16

At our request, the New York Transit Museum has extended its 25% discount offer on all purchases for MTA employees to December 16th. It's an opportunity to pick up transit-themed gifts for the holiday season! You can pick up toy trains, mugs, apparel, an other products at two store locations: the main museum store at the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street in downtown Brooklyn, and the Grand Central Terminal museum annex, at 42nd Street and Park Avenue. Just show your pass to identify yourself and ask for the discount.

Top Four: Samuelsen, Giboyeaux, Crisp-Sauray, and Phillips
Top Four: Samuelsen, Giboyeaux, Crisp-Sauray, and Phillips

Samuelsen Wins Re-Election as President of TWU Local 100; Rest of Top Officers Also Elected on “Stand United” Slate.

Transit workers have re-elected Local 100 President John Samuelsen to a second three-year term in overwhelming fashion.  The vast majority of Samuelsen’s STAND UNITED Slate, including Secretary Treasurer Earl Phillips, Administrative Vice President Angel Giboyeaux and Recording Secretary Latonya Crisp-Sauray, a newcomer to the ticket, were elected as well.  

STAND UNITED candidates were victorious in 6 of the 7 races for Vice President including Tony Utano (Maintenance of Way); Brian Clarke (MABSTOA); Kevin Harrington (RTO); Maurice Jenkins (Stations); John Day (MTA Bus/PBL), and J.P. Patafio (TA Surface).  Nelson Rivera from the Transport Workers United slate won in the Car Equipment Division.

Ballots were opened at the American Arbitration Association, and winners were announced at about 4:30 PM on Friday, December 7th. Transit Workers resoundingly re-elected John Samuelsen as President, by a tally of 7152 to 4975 for his opponent, Joe Campbell, and 351 for independent candidate Michael Cordero. Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips was re-elected by a vote of 6854 to 5002 for his closest opponent, Liz Rodriguez, as was Administrative Vice President Angel Giboyeaux, who polled 6898 votes against 4809 for Eddie McLeod. A new addition to Mr. Samuelsen’s team, Tonya Crisp-Sauray, was elected with 6796 votes against her rival, Michael Staton, who received 4873 votes.

 In a victory speech near the Union Hall in midtown Manhattan, Samuelsen thanked transit workers for their “tremendous show of support.” He added that the win is a “validation” that the members “wholeheartedly support our determination to resist the concessions agreed to by state unions, and to continue to negotiate beyond the expiration of our current agreement without the drama of unnecessary deadlines that could lead to another strike.”

Samuelsen added: "I believe this decisive vote sends a powerful message to the MTA and Governor Cuomo that transit workers stand behind me and my team to win a fair contract, and that should good faith negotiations fail to produce the desired results, the membership stands strong behind their union no matter what direction we may be forced to take."

Read the full set of election results here.

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