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Congestion Pricing Stalls Out -- Workers' Concerns Weren't Addressed

Our members refuse to be taxed for simply coming to work, and they've made this abundantly clear at shopgates across the system. As the President of TWU Local 100, I will be steadfast in letting every legislator and politician know that this is where we stand. This isn't about convenience; it's about ensuring that the implementation of congestion pricing doesn't compromise the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of the transit system. It's about advocating for a plan that genuinely serves the common good, with necessary improvements and safeguards in place.

Janno Lieber, the face of this premature congestion pricing push, needs a reality check. Lieber did not make necessary service improvements nor consider the tolling flexibility our members need when going to work. We won't tolerate our essential workers being burdened by his ill-conceived plans. Governor Hochul's decision to delay congestion pricing implementation acknowledges this crucial point. It's a step towards ensuring that our transit system remains safe and efficient for both workers and riders. The MTA must prioritize these necessary improvements before adding any financial burdens to our essential workers.

Richard Davis, President

TWU Local 100

MOW Mourns Joan McCawley, 92, Mother of Kevin McCawley

JULY 18 -- Members of Line Equipment/Signals are mourning the passing of Joan McCawley, 92. She was the mother of former LE/S Division Vice Chair and 9/11 Responder Kevin McCawley. She passed on July 17th. She is survived by sons John and Kevin, and daughter Nora. Her husband, who predeceased her in 2016, was Signal Maintainer Thomas McCawley.

A Wake will be held for her on Saturday, July 20th, from 2 PM to 4:30 PM and from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Raynor Funeral Home, 683 Montauk Highway, in Bayport, NY.

Fire Destroys Home of Local 100 Member — You Can Help!

Attention Local 100 Members,

We are reaching out to you with an urgent plea for help. One of our fellow CTA’s, Wayne Cope out of 241st Terminal, has suffered a devastating loss — a recent fire that destroyed his home, leaving him and his family displaced and left with nothing. (News Coverage) They lost everything in this tragedy, and they need our support to get through this difficult time.

As a union, we have always stood together in times of need. We are asking for donations in the form of clothing, food, and monetary gifts to help our member and his family rebuild their lives. Any contribution, no matter how small, will be deeply appreciated and make a significant difference.

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TWU Mourns Loss of Train Operator Who Died During Exam

JULY 13 -- It is with deep sadness that I share the news of the tragic passing of one of our brothers, Train Operator Sahstri Williams.

T/O Williams fell ill while taking his practical exam at Concourse Yard. He expressed to supervision he was feeling very nervous/anxious, and collapsed in car number 2903.

Supervision contacted OCC and informed them Train Operator Williams was unresponsive and requested medical. They were governed to move the train to track 26 Charlie, so that EMS would be able to assist T/O Williams. 

Train Operator Williams passed away at Montefiore Hospital.

At this time this there is no further information as to the cause of Mr. Williams passing. Our hearts and prayers is with his friends and family 

— Richard Davis, President

Career & Salary Unit Approves New Contract, 503 to 8

JUNE 13 -- Over 500 members of the TWU's Career & Salary Unit, representing computer and telecommunications professionals and staff analysts working for the MTA, overwhelmingly approved a new contract which was recently negotiated and approved by the Union's Executive Board. The terms closely parallel those obtained by the main TWU Local 100 TA/OA/MTA Bus agreement. The Unit is made up of administrative and technical titles working under both the MaBSTOA and MTA Bus companies.


MaBSTOA Career and Salary votes tallied: 456 Yes / 8 No

MTA Bus votes tallied: 47 Yes / 0 No

President Richard Davis gave his congratulations to the members of the unit, many of whom work at MTA headquarters at 2 Broadway. "This is a good win for all of our Career and Salary members," he said. "We fulfilled key expectations that made their way to the negotiating table."


You can read the MOU for the MABSTOA represented titles here.

You can read the MOU for the MTA Bus represented titles here.

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Union Wins Representation Election at Connecticut STA School Bus Company

JUNE 13 -- With all votes counted, TWU Local 100 has won a convincing victory at Student Transportation of America's Haddam/Killingworth unit, operating school bus services in the lower Connecticut river valley. TWU picked up 19 votes, with 9 voting "no union" and 5 going with the Teamsters. 50 workers were eligible to vote.

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Union Holds Press Conference for Assaulted Bus Operator

JUNE 11 -- TWU Local 100 held a press conference today at the Union Hall to zero in on increasing assaults on buses. A female Bus Operator recounted an attack which she experienced on her B6 bus in East New York last Friday. The Operator, who did not want her name used, said she was punched when she refused to stop the bus at an unauthorized corner. She was badly bruised and wore an eye patch at the conference.

Local 100 President Richard Davis called her "a hero today" for having the courage to come forward. He called for District Attorneys to press for penalties of seven years in jail for those who assault transit workers. "The Mayor's office and the DA's need to come back to the table and talk to us about these issues," he said.

Secretary-Treasurer John Chiarello said, "The MTA is not living up to its obligation to protect members on the job. We want MTA CEO Jan Lieber to deploy all of his resources." He called for underground police officers to be deployed on buses.

TA Surface Vice President JP Patafio called the asssaults "a type of micro-terrorism" and said that members would not stand for it.

Bus Operator Assaulted During Route Detour

June 8, 2024 – At approximately 11:30 am today, veteran bus driver, Isaac Egharevba, with 17 years of service was violently attacked while operating the number 3 shuttle near the Grand Ave Depot. The incident occurred amidst tensions caused by a route detour, which had made several passengers irate.

The operator was performing his duties as assigned, when an unknown assailant unexpectedly sliced him on the left side of his face, between the neck and jaw. Initially believing he had been punched, Egharevba quickly realized the severity of his injury when he began bleeding profusely. Demonstrating remarkable presence of mind, he safely stopped the bus and called for assistance.

Responders arrived promptly, providing him immediate medical attention after he sustained a deep laceration. He is currently resting, being treated for his wound. TA Surface Recording Secretary Alexander Kemp responded to the scene and provided essential support to the injured member. Once EMTs tended to Isaac and transported him to the hospital, Chairman Clarence remained by his side offering support to our him and his family.

Richard Davis, President of TWU Local 100 said "The safety of our drivers is non-negotiable. This violent attack on one of our own is an attack on us all. We will not rest until the assailant is brought to justice." The union urges all members to remain vigilant. An investigation is currently underway and authorities are reviewing surveillance footage and gathering witness accounts to identify and apprehend the assailant. Our thoughts are with the operator and his family during this time.

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