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Court Support Needed as Banker Faces Trial in Assault on Train Operator

IB ImageAn entitled rich investment banker punched one of our female Train Operators in the face for stopping him from going into a non-public area of a Brooklyn station. He was arrested but outrageously was later released without having to post bail.

Next Wednesday, February 8th, he faces his first court appearance. We will be there to demand that he receive justice -- jail time for assaulting a transit worker and TWU Local 100 member.

As Pres. Davis told the press, “the public should be treating transit workers as heroes, not punching bags. Time and time again we’ve stepped up for this city, most recently working through the pandemic, and this is the thanks we get. It has to stop. We will see this guy in court.”

Be there on Wednesday, Feb 8th at the Kings County Supreme Court Criminal Term at 320 Jay Street, 4th floor. Allow time for security check.We will demand that Jean Francois Coste, 53, charged with second-degree assault, a felony, and some misdemeanors, pay for his crime.

Union Salutes Black History Month

IB ImageTWU Local 100 took out a full-page ad in the Daily News to salute Black History Month, and in particular the legacy of A. Philip Randolph, who organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925. We are having our own Black History Month celebration on February 22nd, and all members in good standing are invited.

Click here to download the flyer for this event.

President Davis Presides Over Jam-Packed Mass Membership Meeting; Talks About the Contract, Unity, and the Focus On Members

Screw the budget gaps!

Speaking at the jam-packed Mass Membership Meeting in Manhattan on Saturday, Local 100 President Richard Davis vowed the MTA won’t get off easy in upcoming contract negotiations by crying poverty - again.

“The MTA says they have massive budget gaps,” Davis said. “I say, screw their budget gaps! We worked through the pandemic! And that needs to be recognized!”

The negotiations could be among the most difficult ever. “We have to be united,” Davis said. “No divisions! One union, with one voice, and one fist!”

More than 1,500 members attended the gathering at the Sheraton Hotel near Times Square. In a strong sign of respect and support, Mayor Eric Adams made time in his busy schedule to attend and speak to the members. He is the first mayor to attend a Mass Membership Meeting. TWU International President John Samuelsen also was a guest speaker. He promised the International would back the Local one-hundred percent during negotiations, providing resources, expertise, and other assistance.

The over-arching theme was “Member Built, Member Strong, Member Driven.”

Member Built: TWU was organized by subway workers in the depths of the Great Depression when workers toiled 7 days a week for poverty wages – without overtime, healthcare, vacations, or pensions.

Member Strong: Local 100 has more than 42,000 members. We operate and maintain the largest transit system in North America. We also have members in the school bus, private bus, and tourism industries.

Member Driven: The top priority is the membership. The focus is on the membership.

“TWU is a great union, not just because of what we do, or our size, but because of who we are as individuals,” Davis said after introducing a video featuring “some of our outstanding members.” Click this link to watch the video.

Members featured in the video received certificates of appreciation, including Tonya Thompson, a Bronx Bus Operator and a cancer survivor. Thompson is a leading volunteer organizer and fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and research. “It felt amazing to be recognized by my Union for all the hard work I’ve put in over the years,” she said. “Simply a wonderful day."

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Pre-Retirement Seminar Set for Feb 3

Considering retirement from transit? You don't want to miss our info-packed pre-retirement seminar on Friday, Febuary 3rd, at the Union Hall in downtown Brooklyn. Just click here go to the link to register. This presentation will be both on Zoom and live in person. You can also download the flyer here and scan the QR to register.

Update on Conductor Garcia's House Fire

Brothers and Sisters,

(January 26) I have been in touch with the Garcia family, who lost their home in a devastating fire last weekend in Poughkeepsie.

Conductor Justin Garcia expressed his gratitude to me for all of the warm messages and donations they have received from their TWU Local 100 Brothers and Sisters. He wanted me to share this message with you: “Please tell everyone we are forever grateful.”

Mrs. Garcia as well expressed her gratitude to us. They are definitely feeling the love from their extended family. It’s a very traumatic experience but, thank God they are alive and will recover. Sadly they lost two of their pets.

This is Union power. We are here to support one another at all times.

In solidarity,

Giselle Martinez
Chair, Working Women’s Committee
Coordinator, Family & Member Assistance Program




TWU Family's House Destroyed by Fire

Sisters and Brothers,

I received an email this morning at 5:42 AM about a terrible tragedy that has befallen one of our families. A fire at Conductor Justin Garcia’s house in Poughkeepsie took place over the weekend. The house is a total loss. Brother Garcia and his wife managed to get out with their four year old daughter.  Unfortunately, both of their pets, a cat and dog, perished in the fire. You can read about the fire on this news site.

Transit has created a hub at Bedford Park Tower where they are accepting clothing donations for the family, which lost all of their possessions.

Specifically they are looking for: Mr. Garcia: Shirt 3XL, Pants 46x32, Shoes 12
Mrs. Garcia: Shirt M, Pants 28, Shoes 8 Womens
Garcia’s Daughter (4 years old): Shirt 6-7T, Pants 6, Shoes 11-12 Toddler Size, Toys

Read more

Executive Board Statement Against Violence and Intimidation

The TWU Local 100 Executive Board has approved a statement against intimidation, harassment, or violence against any union member or officer. You can read it here.

Local 100 Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year!

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